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Prepare to handle any crisis, Sabah deputy CM tells tourism operators

Christina Liew says this is becoming important as Sabah is seeing an increasing number of tourists.

Is your car really being serviced? Maybe not at all

Does your car get serviced properly when you sit in the comfortable waiting room with free WiFi, beverages and food? Read on for the shocking truth.

Egypt archaeologists find 4,500-year-old pottery workshop

The find was made near the city of Aswan.

Watching the detectives: the movie sleuths saving silent cinema

The US Library of Congress's "Mostly Lost" workshops in Virginia spotlight once-forgotten silent movies.

Clinical hypnosis for happiness seekers

Ridding oneself of persistent feelings of anxiety, depression and pessimism is possible when one learns to leverage on the powers of clinical hypnosis.

Forging ties that bind

Workshop of family focuses on the Five Ls to a fulfilling family life - learning, laughter, loyalty, love, leadership.

Teen accused of stealing car rims beaten to death

42-year-old contractor detained for investigations in Bukit Mertajam.