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Wow… Nordiana, wanita bertudung pertama juarai gusti

Nordiana berusia 19 tahun, wanita bertudung Malaysia pertama yang memecah rekod selepas dinobatkan sebagai juara dalam pertandingan gusti.

Japanese sumo vs Trump’s WWE: Big differences in clash of big...

The differences between Japanese sumo wrestling and American professional wrestling couldn't be more similar... or so they seem.

Hand in hand, Koreas seek to end Unesco wrestling

Despite their vast differences, the democratic South and the communist North share the same language, culture and traditions dating back thousands of years, resulting in subtle rivalry for Unesco inscriptions in recent years.

Chinese martial artists take the bull by the horns

Years of hard martial arts training become clear as the young men grapple with the bulls by their horns, muscles popping as they strain against the powerful bovines' necks while deftly avoiding being stomped in a kind of drunken dance.

Turkmen wrestler becomes first doping case at Asian Games

Rustem Nazarov tested positive for furosemide, and was therefore disqualified.

Kumar fades, Punia rises as new poster boy of Indian wrestling

Bajrang Punia has supplanted Sushil Kumar as the face of Indian wrestling, a position he strengthened by winning an Asian Games gold medal.

Vinesh aims to raise the bar for Asian Games gold

Vinesh has enjoyed a stellar season, claiming a second consecutive gold medal at the Commonwealth Games as well as winning the Spanish Grand Prix last month.

For Pakistani dockworkers in Dubai, kushti is a way of life

Kushti is a beloved past time of Pakistanis and Indians, from the cross-border region of Punjab.

4-time Olympic champion Icho harassed by coach

When Icho joined a national training camp in 2010, Sakae had asked her: "How dare you wrestle in front of me?"

Mexican women wrestlers wage war of sexes in ‘lucha libre’ ring

Many believe that wrestling raises women's self-esteem and teaches them to defend themselves.

Iran protests ban on wrestler who threw bout to avoid Israel

Iran Wrestling Federation says such situations were bound to recur and be even 'more serious and complicated' in future.

Dozens of wrestlers sue WWE over neurological injuries

NEW YORK: World Wrestling Entertainment Inc was sued on Monday by Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and dozens of other retired male and female wrestlers seeking...