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Laporan: DoJ siasat bank Jerman berkait 1MDB

Siasatan ke atas 1MDB tertumpu terutamanya ke atas wang berjumlah AS$6 bilion yang diperolehinya pada 2012 dan 2013.

WSJ report on 1MDB bailout won’t affect Malaysia-China ties, says analyst

Analyst says the Malaysian government's review of various infrastructural projects undertaken by Chinese companies and China's tighter currency control measures have more influence.

China nafi laporan tawar bantuan selamatkan 1MDB

Kedutaan China di Kuala Lumpur berkata China tidak pernah melampirkan keadaan politik untuk bekerjasama dengan negara lain.

China denies report of bailout offer for 1MDB

The embassy in Kuala Lumpur says China never attaches political conditions to its cooperation with other countries.

Najib sangkal WSJ dakwa China tawar tebus 1MDB untuk projek

Bekas perdana menteri mengingatkan Malaysia ketika itu berusaha dan berjanji menandatangani perjanjian penyelesaian dengan syarikat milik kerajaan Abu Dhabi, Ipic.

Putrajaya to pursue WSJ claim on 1MDB, says Guan Eng

The finance minister agrees that the prices of the ECRL and Sabah gas pipeline projects were inflated.

Laporan: China tawar selamatkan 1MDB sebagai tukaran projek mega

WSJ berkata China akan menggunakan pengaruhnya untuk memujuk AS dan negara lain menggugurkan penyiasatan mereka ke atas 1MDB.

Goldman to name fewest new partners in 20 years, WSJ reports

New Chief Executive Officer David Solomon tells bank’s managers to be extra selective this year.

Tesla says DOJ sought documents on Model 3 production guidance

Tesla defended its statements about the Model 3 that said a criminal investigation of the company had intensified.

It’s baloney, says Sarawak Report over ‘Whale’ author’s claims

Editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown reiterates that the information in the book is from her source.

Come clean on Jho Low story, Rewcastle-Brown tells WSJ journo

She says Tom Wright has failed to acknowledge that Sarawak Report 'handed him the story'.

Jho Low not a genius, he just never gives up, says...

Tom Wright, who co-authored 'The Billion Dollar Whale', says even now the fugitive businessman is trying to bargain with the new government.

Derma Saudi: Najib pertahan semua tandatangan, kepala surat sama

Bekas perdana menteri itu berkata, pemulangan RM2.6 bilion turut diakui Wall Street Journal dalam buku 'The Billion Dollar Whale'.

Najib: Saudi prince’s letterheads on all communication on donations

The former PM says bank documents show fund transfers were made through Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Finance and from the bank account of Prince Faisal bin Turkey bin Al-Saud in Saudi Arabia.

‘Billion Dollar Whale’ just gossip disguised as reporting, says Jho Low

The fugitive businessman accuses WSJ journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope of 'attempting to write instant history without the benefit of evidence'.

US$100 million, RM2.6 billion, let’s talk about Najib’s money

FMT takes a look at what has been said about the two staggering figures and whether the US$100 million donation is part of the infamous RM2.6 billion.

US seeking new trade talks with China, says WSJ

The escalating trade spat between Washington and Beijing has generated turbulence in global markets.

Jho Low seeks to ban 2 books on 1MDB saga

A law firm representing the controversial businessman threatens publishers with 'substantial damages'.

We will continue to cover 1MDB, says WSJ

The business daily defends its journalistic ethics and says it will continue to cover the issue in the 'same responsible manner'.

Saya tidak akan serah diri, kata Jho Low

Ahli perniagaan yang dikehendaki itu berkata perbicaraan oleh media menyebabkan mustahil baginya diadili secara adil.

Report: China knows where Jho Low is, but will make him...

The WSJ quotes sources who say the fugitive businessman has been living freely in China despite the red notice issued against him by Interpol.

Wall Street Journal names Matt Murray as editor-in-chief

Murray, who assumes the new role next Monday, has been deputy editor-in-chief since 2013 and was a deputy managing editor from 2008.

Trump freezes Syria recovery funds

Trump has called for the spending freeze after reading a news report that said the US had committed the funds for recovery efforts in Syria, which has been wracked by a more than seven-year civil war.

US sends China to-do list to cut trade imbalances

In the past few days, fears of a trade war have mounted following US President Donald Trump announcement on Thursday of plans for tariffs on up to US$60 billion of Chinese goods.