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Qatar launches WTO proceedings against Saudi Arabia over alleged IP violation

Saudi officials were not immediately available to comment. They have previously said that the country is taking action to combat piracy and is committed to protecting intellectual property rights.

WTO, IMF, World Bank seek ‘urgent’ international trade reforms

WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo warned that a full-blown trade war "would knock around 17% off global trade growth, and 1.9% off GDP growth."

WTO eyes China bid to slap stiff trade sanctions on US

China alleged that the US, in violation of WTO rules, was continuing the practice of zeroing, which calculates the price of imports compared to the normal value in the US to determine predatory pricing.

Canada working on WTO reform

A Canadian government source reports a small group of like-minded trade ministers will gather in Ottawa October 24-25 to discuss WTO reform.

G20 trade ministers say WTO reform ‘urgent’ as new Trump tariffs...

With US President Donald Trump readying tariffs on another US$200 billion in Chinese goods, the ministers said they were "stepping up the dialogue" on international trade disputes.

China seeks WTO backing for US$7 billion sanctions on US over...

The request for authorisation from the WTO to introduce the sanctions is likely to lead to years of legal wrangling over the case for the penalty and the amount.

EU deeply disagrees with US on trade despite detente

Trump agreed in July to refrain from imposing car tariffs while the two sides sought to cut other trade barriers, in a move described then by the European Commission chief as a major concession.

France to prepare contingency plans in case of no-deal Brexit

The government will present a draft bill in coming weeks to prepare measures such as facilitating the presence of British citizens already living in France.

US seeks $350 million annual sanctions in Indonesia trade dispute

The latest US filing said Indonesia had not complied with the ruling against its own import restrictions, so Washington was seeking annual sanctions to compensate for the damage done to US interests.

G20 agriculture ministers slam protectionism, pledge WTO reforms

The ministers say they had affirmed their commitment not to adopt "unnecessary obstacles" to trade, and affirmed their rights and obligations under WTO agreements.

Canada to host meeting on WTO reform, US and China left...

China and the United States are engaged in a trade war and envoys from the two nations clashed at the WTO on Thursday.

Britain and EU formally start splitting WTO membership agreements

Until now the EU has represented Britain at the WTO, and Britain's membership rights were not set out distinctly, even though Britain was always a WTO member in its own right.

WTO panel to examine US complaint on Canadian wine sale restrictions

The US claimed that British Columbia's regulations exclude all imported wine from grocery store shelves and violated WTO rules on non-discrimination.

WTO’s credibility, survival at risk as trade war looms

The credibility and survival of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is under "serious threat" as major economies put up protectionist barriers.

US launches five WTO challenges to retaliatory tariffs

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement that the retaliatory tariffs on up to a combined US$28.5 billion worth of US exports are illegal under WTO rules.

US ratchets up China trade war, threatens tariffs on US$200 bln...

China's commerce ministry said it was "shocked" by the latest US trade action and would complain to the World Trade Organisation, but did not immediately say how it would retaliate.

China commerce ministry official says new US tariff plan harms WTO...

China said on Wednesday that the latest proposed tariffs from the US harms the World Trade Organization system and hurts globalization.

Trump wants better WTO treatment, adviser hits back at critics

Axios news agency reported earlier in the day that Trump had repeatedly told top White House officials he wants to exit the WTO, citing people familiar with Trump’s thinking.

Mnuchin calls report that Trump wants to withdraw from WTO an...

Trump has repeatedly told top White House officials he wants to withdraw from the trade organization, which he said isn’t always fair to the US, Axios reported, citing unidentified administration sources.

Europe vows to keep fighting Trump on trade, seeing risk to...

The note, prepared for EU governments ahead of a June 28-29 summit where trade will be discussed, reflects the growing strains between traditional allies.

US rejects China WTO protest of steel tariffs as ‘baseless’

The United States on Wednesday rejected as "baseless" China's retaliatory tariffs and complaint in the World Trade Organization over the US tariffs recently imposed on steel and aluminum imports.

WTO chief sees no sign of US walking away from WTO

US President Donald Trump has launched a series of tariff-raising moves, upsetting allies and rivals alike.

China expresses regret at US move to file WTO challenge

USTR had filed a request for consultations with China at the WTO to address "discriminatory technology licensing agreements".

China drops import penalties on US broiler chickens

The move comes after a WTO ruling last month that obliged Beijing to lower the tariffs unless it appealed within 20 days.