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Xi pens friendship letter to N. Korea before rare visit

President Xi Jinping will be the first Chinese president to visit Pyongyang in 14 years.

Trump having ‘extended meeting’ with Xi at G20 summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump are also expected to discuss efforts to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear arsenal.

Trump to raise Hong Kong protests with Xi at G20

Mike Pompeo also says US President Donald Trump's imposition of widespread tariffs on Chinese goods shows his willingness to confront Beijing.

Xi Jinping in Russia to usher ‘new era’ of friendship

The visit comes five years after Moscow's annexation of Crimea in 2014 led to a serious rift with its Western partners.

India’s Modi to host China’s Xi for informal summit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will host Chinese President Xi Jinping this year for an informal summit after meeting several times over the past year to try to defuse tension.

Prepare for difficult times, China’s Xi on trade war

President Xi Jinping calls Chinese to embrace for tougher times as tensions of a trade war between the republic and United States escalate.

Xi says ‘no clash’ of civilisations amid US trade war

Chinese premier Xi Jinping claims there is never a 'clash' of civilisation between the United States and China in the heated up US-China trade war.

Trump and Xi to meet after defiant China hits US with...

The two premiers will meet soon after the United States imposed an increment on tariff hikes and China retaliates back with higher tariffs on US goods.

Xi Jinping’s wins and losses at his second Belt and Road...

President Xi Jinping has tried to address international criticism over the Belt and Road rail link across Eurasia.

Fahami perbezaan budaya dan nilai, Dr M beritahu sidang kemuncak Belt...

Belt & Road adalah initiatif bagi mewujudkan rangkaian jaringan perdagangan antara Timur dan Barat menerusi pembangunan lapangan terbang, pelabuhan, laluan keretapi, laluan paip dan sebagainya.

China’s Xi touts more than US$64 bln in Belt and Road...

China repeatedly sought to reassure partners and potential participants that it does not intend to saddle them with high debts.

Malaysia sokong penuh inisiatif ‘1 Belt, 1 Road’ China, kata Dr...

Dr Mahathir tiba di Beijing 3 hari lepas untuk lawatan kerja 5 hari ke China.

China President Xi says BRI goal is ‘win-win cooperation’

The Belt and Road initiative championed by Xi Jinping has become mired in controversy.

China invites North Korea to Belt and Road summit

Kin Jong-un's participation in the summit is uncertain as he meets with Putin this month.

Trump sees progress in China talks but doesn’t predict success

Donald Trump says talks with China were a big success stating negotiation were done on two biggest points, offering no further details to the press.

Xi arrives on French Riviera as Macron seeks united EU front...

A series of cooperation deals on nuclear power, aerospace and clean energy initiatives, some involving lucrative contracts, are expected to be signed.

Italy’s accord with China sparks new clash among leaders in Rome

Matteo Salvini, who has warned about potential security threats from China, cautioned about the lack of a free market in China.

Duterte backs Xi as ex-Philippine officials allege China crimes

President Rodrigo Duterte said that former officials who sued against Xi Jinping have no authority to do so as China is not a member of the International Criminal Court.

China’s Xi orders rescue effort after factory blast kills 47

The blast was the latest reminder of continued industrial risks in China.

As Xi heads to Italy, China takes Belt and Road controversy...

Italy's drive to join the ambitious BRI venture has upset the US and the EU, raising fears of a sellout of sensitive technology and the handover of critical infrastructure.

As Xi heads to Italy, Vatican says China should not fear...

Sources say the Pope may meet Xi Jinping this week and such an encounter would be the first between a Chinese leader and a pope.

Trump is said to push for China deal with market gains...

Donald Trump is hoping for success after the Hanoi summit ended in failure and is thus, turning his attention to US stock market performance.

The US-China trade war is yet to be over

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer says that more work remains on a deal that will ensure that Beijing will follow through on its commitments.

China’s Xi faces doubts as legislature meets

Party members are said to have criticised Xi Jinping over China's slow economy and for failure to tackle challenges posed by Donald Trump.