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Tag: Xinhua

China to set up system to safeguard technology security

Xinhua reports China's plan to establish a system to ensure 'national security' in technology as the republic faces a trade war with the United States.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine goes offline in China

Chinese authorities operate an online censorship apparatus known as the 'Great Firewall', but it was not clear whether or not Bing joined the long list of prohibited websites.

Kim held talks with Xi in Beijing

During the visit from Sunday to Wednesday, Kim has held talks with Xi Jinping in Beijing, where the Chinese president hosted a banquet to welcome the North Korean leader and his wife Ri Sol Ju,

China sets 2018 GDP target at ‘around 6.5%’

The 6.5% target was presented in a work report for Monday's opening session of the annual National People's Congress, the rubber-stamp parliament.

GE14 expected to give fillip to economic growth, say analysts

With better oil prices, the government will have greater flexibility to spend during GE14, and coupled with initiatives such as the rail network mega-projects and a better performing ringgit, more money will be in the hands of consumers.

Indians more amused than outraged by Chinese ‘7 Sins’ video

An actor wearing a turban and stick-on beard gives obtuse answers, to canned laughter, in the three-minute video posted via Xinhua's English-language account on social network Twitter.

China censures Emirates airline after two safety incidents

The airline were responsible for an April 17 incident in which an aircraft flew at a wrong height and another on May 18 when a plane temporarily lost contact with air traffic control.