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Tag: Xinjiang

Rights group urges US to sanction China over Xinjiang camps

The Trump administration has been weighing sanctions against Chinese officials since late last year.

CNN berjaya rakam kem tahanan minoriti Islam di Xinjiang

Laporan CNN memaparkan 'pusat latihan vokasional' yang dikelilingi tembok tinggi, kawat berduri dan menara pengawal.

From camps to factories: Muslim detainees say China using forced labour

More than a million people from Muslim minorities are being held in internment centres across Xinjiang.

Pompeo asks US business to think twice in China’s Xinjiang

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cautions corporate America on doing business with China's Xinjiang region, likening the mass incarceration of Muslims to Nazi abuses.

China using AI to identify Uighurs across China

This is the first known example of a government intentionally using AI for racial profiling.

Former chairman of China’s Xinjiang region arrested for graft

Nur Bekri was the regional government's chairman for seven years until 2014.

Government urged to intervene in plight of Uighurs

NGO Global Peace Mission Malaysia says there may be a way for the government to speak up on the issue through diplomatic ties.

China thanks Kazakhstan for ‘support’ of Xinjiang crackdown

Oil-rich Kazakhstan, which shares a border with the Xinjiang region, has been treading a diplomatic tightrope with major trading partner China.

US official denounces ‘choreographed’ visits to China’s Xinjiang

The visit this month would be the first by a large group of Western diplomats since international concern about Xinjiang's security clampdown began intensifying last year.

China defends Xinjiang centres for Muslims, but aims to ‘downsize’

Xinjiang is a vast region bordering central Asia that is home to millions of ethnic minority Muslims.

US urges Muslim nations to condemn China’s Xinjiang abuses

A statement from OIC foreign ministers earlier this month failed to reflect concern about the situation.

US envoy for religious freedom slams China during Hong Kong visit

US ambassador for religious freedom, Sam Brownback, cautioned China it is waging a 'war with faith' that it will not win.

China tells foreign envoys its efforts in Xinjiang should be applauded

China is stepping up its diplomatic outreach over controversial camps in the heavily Muslim region, inviting more foreign diplomats to visit as it seeks to head off criticism.

China data leak exposes mass surveillance in Xinjiang

Xinjiang is home to most of China's Uighur ethnic minority lives and has been under heavy police surveillance in recent years after violent inter-ethnic tensions.

China surveillance firm tracking millions in Xinjiang

Exposed data also shows about 6.7 million location data points linked to the people which were gathered within 24 hours.

Missing Uighurs’ kin demand ‘proof of life’ videos from China

Ethnic Uighurs start #MeTooUyghur hashtag to push China about the state of their missing relatives.

Kedutaan China letak iklan tunjuk ia sayang orang Uighur

Nampak seperti ada kempen sejagat oleh China untuk melawan dakwaan pencabulan hak asasi manusia di wilayah Xinjiang.

Chinese embassy takes up full-page ad to show it ‘cares’ for...

It appears to be a global campaign by China to counter allegations of human rights violations in the Xinjiang region.

China says UN observers welcome to Xinjiang, with conditions

Activists say ethnic minorities can be detained for transgressions as minor has wearing long beards or face veils.

China says pace of Xinjiang ‘education’ will slow, but defends camps

Beijing has faced an outcry over the mass detentions and strict surveillance of the mostly Muslim Uighur minority.

Chinese city urges those “poisoned by extremism” to confess crimes

Actions ranging from being in contact with overseas terror groups to conservative Islamic behaviour should prompt individuals to turn themselves in.

China tells world to ignore ‘gossip’ about Xinjiang

Western countries including Canada, France, Germany, and the US have urged China to shut down camps in Xinjiang, where activists say as many as 1 million of the Uighur minority and other Muslims are being detained.

China rolls out PR push on Muslim internments

The positive image of the centres portrayed in the PR drive is belied by testimonies from former detainees who describe harsh treatment in the facilities.

China launches anti-halal campaign in Xinjiang

Chinese citizens are theoretically free to practice any religion, but they have been subject to increasing levels of surveillance as the government tries to bring religious worship under stricter state control.