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Tag: Yahya Hussin

‘Giant-killer’ Uda ready to bring changes to Petagas

Warisan’s Uda Sulai overcame incumbent Yahya Hussin's record as a five-term assemblyman to register a shock win with a 208 vote majority.

BN gives RM600 special aid to padi farmers in Sabah

The government is aware of the challenges faced by them, including floods, drought and pests, says Yahya Hussin.

Ramai orang tinggalkan BN? Berita palsu, kata TKM Sabah

Hanya sebilangan kecil meninggalkan parti dan itu perkara biasa kerana mereka kecewa tak terpilih, kata Yahya Hussin.

PH’s manifesto is poisoned honey, says Sabah DCM

Many promises in their manifesto are populist, only to please the people but not implementable, says Yahya Hussin.

Umno leaders hit out at Warisan for ‘racial slur’

Warisan is trying to incite hatred and discord among the people, says Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Yahya Hussin.

Sabah Deputy CM: What PH is now promising, we’ve already implemented

Sabah BN will do even more to win back rights under MA63, says Yahya Hussin.

Sabah DCM: One chief minister is enough

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Yahya Hussin laughs off proposal to have six chief ministers for state.

BN’s Petagas rep Yahya Hussin upbeat about GE14

Yahya Hussin says BN has done well in the area and is working hard to ensure the people rally behind it in the coming polls.

‘Don’t roast officers who seize animal products at airport’

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister says government cannot compromise on public health which is at risk if animal products brought in contain the highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Warisan tiada hak kata pilihan raya tidak sah, kata TKM Sabah

Yahya Hussin membidas seorang pemimpin Warisan yang berkata 13 kerusi baharu di Sabah harus diluluskan di Parlimen atau pilihan raya jadi tidak sah.

‘Koperasi di Sabah bertambah bukti keyakinan rakyat’

Yahya Hussin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Tan Sri Musa Aman kerana koperasi di negeri itu julung kali mendapat peruntukan dalam Bajet Sabah 2018.

Sabahans’ confidence in cooperatives rising, says DCM

As of June 30, there were 1,410 registered cooperatives with a total of 318,891 members in Sabah, says deputy chief minister Yahya Hussin.

Sabah approves RM50m flood mitigation work in Kota Belud

Project aims to rehabilitate Sungai Kedamaian in Kota Belud district which suffered its worst floods last month.

Sabah to promote stingless bees industry

Deputy chief minister Yahya Hussin says honey of the stingless bee has high health and medicinal value.

Warisan mahu lembaga getah Sabah jelaskan keuntungan RM100 juta

Parti Warisan Sabah berkata Lembaga Industri Getah Sabah tidak sepatutnya menjadi sebuah agensi yang beorientasikan keuntungan hingga menjejaskan pekebun kecil getah.

Explain RM100m profit, Warisan tells Sabah rubber board

Parti Warisan Sabah says the profit suggests that the board, tasked with helping rubber smallholders raise their incomes, has not been paying fair prices for their produce.

Yahya: Divided opposition good news for Sabah BN

Deputy chief minister says good for Sabah BN that the opposition has still not agreed on seats despite the polls drawing near.

Opposition is ‘untested material’, says Sabah Deputy CM

Yahya Hussin says the public should not be swayed by the empty promises made by the opposition.