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Palm oil as health food? Experts say to seek new markets

Economists suggests ways to get around India's threat to boycott Malaysian palm oil.

Putrajaya perlu tingkat perbelanjaan, rangsang ekonomi, kata pakar

Kelembapan pelaburan yang berpanjangan boleh mengakibatkan pengurangan output dan kemerosotan dalam kegiatan perniagaan.

Rapid political reform needed to solve economic woes, says PKR MP

Wong Chen says nation's top economic managers should do some soul searching on the signals they have been sending to investors.

Pakar ekonomi gesa Putrajaya longgar syarat perniagaan untuk tarik pelabur

Yeah Kim Leng berkata, Malaysia lebih mudah menarik pelabur asing jika kerajaan memudahkan proses permohonan lesen perniagaan.

Putrajaya urged to make it easier to set up business

Economist says simplifying licence applications will make Malaysia more attractive to foreign investors.

Economist explains high cost of living despite low inflation

Yeah Kim Leng says scarcity and demand will keep prices from going down.

Ahli ekonomi hurai masalah kos sara hidup walaupun inflasi rendah

Kekurangan dan permintaan memastikan harga tidak akan turun, kata Prof Yeah Kim Leng.

Look to niche market to succeed, makers of 3rd national car...

Two economists say its makers must craft the car with future needs and trends in mind.

Kurangkan harga tol, buat perjanjian telus, desak pakar ekonomi

Dr Yeah Kim Leng berkata penurunan kadar tol tidak perlu dibuat sehingga menjejaskan defisit negara mahupun membebankan rakyat.

Axing China-backed projects will hurt construction, says economist

However, Yeah Kim Leng says it was the right thing to do.

Government must encourage people to save, economists say

Yeah Kim Leng says the government should enact a special social security net for those who are not in formal sectors while Barjoyai Bardai suggests prioritising insurance over EPF savings.

Consider alternatives to toll abolition, say economists

Saying the government will need a huge sum of money if it wants to abolish highway tolls, two economists suggest that it consider other ways to ensure a win-win situation.

‘SST will raise prices of cars and services’

Economist Firdaos Rosli says the rate is unlikely to be lower than 10%.

Inflationary pressure to ease by year-end

Economist Yeah Kim Leng says pegging fuel prices will likely cushion any inflationary pressure until the government decides to change the policy.

Malaysia can’t afford HSR right now, say economists

Economist Yeah Kim Leng says the project can be revived when the country is in a stronger financial position.

Kuok the best man to renegotiate China projects, says don

Yeah Kim Leng says Robert Kuok's close relationship with China could help in reviewing or scaling down multi-billion-ringgit Chinese-led projects.

‘Malaysia can gain from US-China trade war’

Economists say there are short-term benefits for local businesses, but the long-term outlook is rather bleak.

Adil jika kenakan cukai ke atas syarikat online, kata pakar

Ia adalah langkah yang adil dari segi hasil, tetapi pengguna perlu memikul bebannya.

Economist: Tax on tech firms could be major revenue source

Yeah Kim Leng says it is a fair move from the revenue perspective but consumers will have to shoulder the burden.

Drop in CPI may shake new investor confidence, says economist

Yeah Kim Leng says lack of effort against corruption in coming years, could see investors question the commitment from the government to fight the scourge.

National debt close to critical level, says don

Economist Yeah Kim Leng blames the government's zeal for mega projects.

Palm oil: Malaysia can argue for exclusion from European ban

There's no massive clearing of Malaysian forests to make way for the crop, an economist notes.

ECRL a domestic investment, says academic

Economics professor Yeah Kim Leng says the project is not a loan but a domestic investment with funding coming from China.

Putrajaya urged to free GLCs of its influence

An economist says they'll do better if left to compete on a level playing field.