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Thousands of police deployed over ‘yellow vest’ clash fears

French premier Macron calls for 'calm' and not disrupt a climate protest today.

Police face protesters in Nantes as ‘yellow vest’ marches resume

Television footage shows groups of black-clad protesters trying to break into shops, while police trucks carrying water cannon were seen arriving on scene.

Macron to announce response to ‘yellow vests’ after months of protests

French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron's policy response is the result of a three-month-long national debate.

Macron to unveil new measures on Monday to allay ‘yellow vest’...

Emmanuel Macron launched his 'Grand National Debate' on Jan 15 to try end the biggest crisis of his presidency.

French ‘yellow vests’ stage 20th week of anti-government protests

Police in Paris fired teargas to disperse a crowd of hardcore demonstrators at the Trocadero square, overlooking the Eiffel Tower, though most of the marches in the capital were peaceful.

Bordeaux calls for shutdown ahead of ‘yellow vest’ protests

Two weeks ago, the 'yellow vest' protests revved up again, erupting into major rioting and looting on the famed Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris.

Yellow vest ‘ultimatum’ rally turns violent in Paris

Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters who erected barricades near the Champs-Elysees in scenes reminiscent of some of the tensest 'yellow vest' rallies.

Numbers down for France’s ‘yellow vest’ protests

After 17 weeks straight, the 'yellow vest' protestors are beginning to lose momentum as the interior ministry put turnout rates across France at 28,600, the lowest since the movement began.

Hundreds march in Paris as childminders join ‘yellow vest’ protests

'Yellow vest' protestors were joined by others donning pink tops, as child-care workers turned out against reform of their unemployment subsidies.

Thousands march as France’s ‘yellow vest’ protests rumble on

Demonstrations have generally gotten smaller since a peak in December when the French capital saw some of the worst rioting, vandalism and looting in decades.

French court to investigate anti-Semitic insults during protest

French President Emmanuel Macron and others from across the political spectrum condemned the attack.

Thousands mark 3 months of France’s ‘yellow vest’ protests

Demonstrating for the 14th consecutive weekend, 41,500 people turned out across the country.

French ‘yellow vests’ marching for everyone, protester says as support falls

A poll this week shows dwindling support for the demonstrations, named for motorists' high-visibility jackets, which began in November over fuel taxes.

French ‘yellow vest’ boxer on trial for punching police

Supporters argue that boxer's punches were just retribution for police brutality.

Demonstrator loses hand at Paris ‘yellow vest’ march

Volunteer medics at the National Assembly say that a man had had his hand ripped off during the clashes between police and protesters.

‘Yellow vest’ leader ‘handicapped for life’ by protest injury, says lawyer

Jerome Rodrigues' lawyer fears he will be "handicapped for life" after he was injured in clashes with police in Paris on Saturday.

Clashes break out in France as ‘yellow vests’ stage latest protest

Protesters threw firecrackers, bottles and stones at police who responded with water cannon and tear gas to push them back.

Macron’s debate put to test as ‘yellow vests’ stage tenth protest

Macron is pinning his hopes on the debate to quash the image of a leader out-of-touch with the concerns of people in rural France.

French media denounce violent “yellow vest” attacks on press

Journalists covering the protests are increasingly becoming a target for the demonstrators.

France’s ‘yellow vests’ mobilise for fresh round of protests

At around 11.00 am (1000 GMT), thousands of protesters gathered near the Gare de Lyon train station for a march towards the Arc de Triomphe.

France vows tough response as new ‘yellow vest’ demos loom

Officials have warned they expect this weekend's anti-government demonstrations to be bigger and more violent than a week ago.

France’s “yellow vest” protests could shake up euro zone bond markets

French president Emmanuel Macron is pledging tax cuts for pensioners and minimum wage increases that will cost France a whopping 8-10 billion euros.

‘Yellow vests’ storm French ministry as protests turn violent

The interior ministry put the number of protesters at 50,000, compared with 32,000 on December 29 when the movement appeared to be weakening.

France’s ‘yellow vest’ protesters back on the streets

This is the eighth Saturday of protests called by the grass-roots movement.