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Malaysia perlu persoal kenapa Arab Saudi terus serang Yemen, kata pakar

Sebagai anggota OIC yang dihormati, Malaysia boleh menjadi orang tengah bagi menyelesaikan kemelut Saudi-Yaman secara rundingan.

Yemen’s Houthis, in tit-for-tat, launch fresh attacks against Saudi Abha airport

The Houthis have stepped up missile and drone attacks against Saudi cities as tensions have risen between Iran and Gulf Arab states allied with the United States.

US House also seeks to block Trump arms sales to Saudi...

The lower chamber's pushback against the White House comes a week after US senators across the political spectrum also moved to prevent the US$8.1 billion sale.

Yemen rebel attack wounds 26 at Saudi airport

Yemen's Houthi rebels have stepped up missile and drone attacks across the border in recent weeks.

Yemen’s Houthis say they attacked Saudi’s Najran airport by drone

The Houthi's claim of a drone attack at Najran Airport as tensions between Yemen and Iran against Saudi Arabia escalates.

Saudi-led coalition in Yemen strikes Sanaa, casualties reported

Six civilians, including four children, have been killed and 60 wounded in the strikes.

UAE seeks Gulf ‘de-escalation’ after ship attacks

The UAE minister of state for foreign affairs says they are very committed to de-escalation, peace and stability.

Houthi umum sasar binaan Saudi selepas serangan kapal minyak

Perkembangan ini sebhari selepas Riyadh berkata 2 kapal tangki minyaknya antara 4 kapal yang diserang pada Ahad.

Remembering Taiz, the City of Light in Yemen

Taiz, a leper colony known as the City of Light in the mid-1980s was run by nuns from the Missionaries of Charity, an organisation founded by Mother Teresa.

Saudi coalition destroys Yemen rebels drone cave

The Huthi rebels had launched a drone attack on Yemen's largest airbase, in Al-Anad during a military parade.

Trump vetoes congressional resolution to end US involvement in Yemen war

Donald Trump said the congressional resolution was a 'dangerous' attempt to weaken his constitutional authority.

Classified note confirms French weaponry in Yemen

An investigative media outlet revealed that French weaponry were being used by Saudi Arabia and UAE in Yemen.

Saudi-led coalition strikes Yemen’s capital, says Saudi TV

The strikes targeted a Houthi drones manufacturing plant and a store containing launch pads.

20 civilians killed, including children, in north Yemen

The war has killed tens of thousands, displaced more than two million and driven the impoverished Arabian Peninsula country to the verge of famine.

UN: Five children killed in attack in Yemen’s Hodeida

There are no details on the nature of the attack or the perpetrators.

The colour of human misery

We need to move beyond the current blinkered approach of seeing everything through the lens of race and religion.

Human rights group lauds govt for aid to Yemen

The Centre for Human Rights Research and Advocacy also wants a war tribunal to be set up.

We didn’t discuss Manila’s claim on Sabah at bilateral talks, says...

The foreign minister says the prime minister will be visiting Manila next month to foster greater ties between the two countries.

UN demands immediate pullback of forces from Yemen ports

Under the agreement, fighters would redeploy outside the ports and away from areas that are key to the humanitarian relief effort in Yemen.

Dr M to speak at event to show solidarity with Yemen’s...

The 'Stand with Yemen' symposium is seen as a break from Putrajaya's tacit support for the Saudi-led alliance.

Yemen’s warring parties agree withdraw from port city

The United Nations is trying to implement a truce and troop-withdrawal accord in Hodeidah.

Saudi agrees joint venture with French firm to boost navy

The memorandum of understanding between Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) and France's Naval Group is aimed at providing the oil-rich Gulf state's navy with 'state-of-the-art systems'.

Rebuking Trump, House votes to end US help in Saudi’s Yemen...

The White House's apparent embrace of Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has caused lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle to push back.

Yemen food aid at risk of rotting

The Red Sea Mills silos, located in the western port city of Hodeida, are believed to contain enough grain to feed several million people for a month.