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Tag: Yeo Bee Yin

No settlement yet for Yeo’s RM5 million suit against Jamal

Minister Yeo Bee Yin and Umno's Jamal Yunos have to return to court on Jan 10 to update the court on whether they were agreed on a settlement.

Dear Yeo Bee Yin, Lynas is not the real enemy

Instead of focusing so much attention on Lynas' rare earth metals, the minister should look at coal and other fossil fuels which are the 'real enemy'.

Impose stop-work order on Lynas, says long-time critic Wong Tack

The Bentong MP also disagrees with plans to allow Lynas to build permanent deposit facility to store its waste, as recommended by Putrajaya's review committee on the plant's operations.

Exporting residue a last option, says Lynas Malaysia

The rare earth processing plant says this was stipulated by the country’s Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).

Ninth time’s the charm, Lynas invites Yeo to visit Kuantan plant

Lynas Malaysia deputy president Mimi Afzan Afza says the company received no response to the previous eight invitations for Yeo Bee Yin to visit the plant in Gebeng.

Lynas perlu kotakan janji buang sisa dari Malaysia, menteri beritahu pekerja

Yeo Bee Yin membidas Lynas hanya menjaga keuntungan tanpa mengotakan janji untuk mengeluarkan sisa buangannya dari Malaysia.

Remove radioactive waste now, NGOs and MPs tell Lynas

Several NGOs and individuals say now that the minister has spoken, Lynas should remove its wastes and abide by the new conditions imposed on the plant's operation.

Energy minister ticks off Lynas over threat to sue govt

Yeo Bee Yin questions grounds for Lynas' plans to take legal action as government is merely implementing the law to protect interests of Malaysians.

Putrajaya kritik tindakan Lynas mahu saman kerajaan

Menteri Tenaga, Teknologi, Sains, Perubahan Iklim dan Alam Sekitar berkata kerajaan sedia berdepan saman daripada Lynas Malaysia.

Yeo’s suit against Jamal to be amicably settled

Both parties have agreed to refer their dispute to an intermediary for mediation, with the suit to go to trial if no settlement is reached.

Why not give other industries the Lynas treatment as well?

If this is the way the government wants to move forward with new industries, emerging industries and even projects that have an impact on the environment, then apply it to all, not just Lynas.

Only IPP contracts awarded through direct negotiations reviewed

Minister Yeo Bee Yin says a lot of IPP contracts were awarded directly in 2017 and they didn't offer competitive rates.

Govt looking at renewable energy sources for electricity, says Yeo

The energy, science, technology, environment and climate change minister says the government is evaluating various sources to find the most competitive one to generate electricity.

Kerajaan batal 4 projek IPP, jimat RM1.26 bilion

Pembatalan projek itu berikutan ketidakpatuhan terhadap syarat yang dikenakan dalam surat tawaran oleh pihak pemaju.

Sabah can expect more stable power supply within 2 years

Federal minister Yeo Bee Yin says the federal government will be carrying out several projects to repair the damaged power lines.

Putrajaya beku permohonan kilang kitar semula sisa pepejal

Menteri Tenaga, Teknologi, Sains, Perubahan Iklim dan Alam Sekitar, Yeo Bee Yin berkata, semua permohonan itu dibekukan sehingga jawatankuasa peringkat tinggi membuat keputusan muktamad berhubung isu itu.

We won’t let Malaysia become a dump for plastic waste, says...

The minister says a high level committee has been set up to stop the import of plastic waste.

Executive committee formed to review Lynas’ operations in Pahang

The Cabinet has decided that members of the committee would comprise those who have not openly stated their stand on the plant.

Menteri umum jawatankuasa penilaian Lynas

Semua anggota jawatankuasa tidak pernah menyatakan sokongan atau bantahan secara terbuka terhadap operasi Lynas.

Be specific on single-use plastic, government told

NGOs say a clear definition of the term is needed to eliminate the use of disposable plastic by 2030.

Govt’s decision on Penang highway might make no one happy, says...

Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin says a 'middle path' solution must be found to the dispute over the controversial project.

Carry out fresh EIA on Penang highway project, Putrajaya told

Activist and environmentalist voice concern over the impact of the Pan Island Link 1 project on the environment and society.

Laporan: Inkuiri Parlimen ke atas operasi Lynas ‘dalam masa terdekat’

SBS News Australia melaporkan 2 inkuiri dijangka diadakan dalam masa terdekat berhubung kebimbangan alam sekitar ke atas operasi nadir bumi Lynas di Gebeng, Kuantan.

Kes Jamal fitnah menteri PH selewang dana Yawas dibicara September ini

Yeoh Bee Yin memfailkan saman bagi menuntut ganti rugi RM5 juta atas dakwaan Jamal Yunos mengeluarkan pernyataan fitnah berhubung penyalahgunaan dana Yawas.