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Tag: Yong Teck Lee

Penyertaan Raymond Tan tunjukkan kabinet Shafie lemah, kata SAPP

Yong Teck Lee berkata perkara yang mengejutkan adalah Raymond Tan mengambil masa yang lama untuk melompat.

Raymond Tan’s entry shows Shafie cabinet is weak, says SAPP chief

Yong Teck Lee says the only surprising thing about Raymond Tan’s joining Warisan was the long time he took to make the jump.

Ex-Sabah CM files lawsuit to stop RCI on judicial misconduct

Yong Teck Lee is seeking a declaration that the government's decision to set up the RCI is unconstitutional.

Conflicting views on Sabah security confusing all, says Yong

The former CM asks whether the waters off Sabah are really safe.

Ex-Sabah CM now wants IGC to replace cabinet committee on MA63

Yong Teck Lee says formation of this inter-governmental committee will allow the governments of Sabah and Sarawak to speak up without fear or favour.

Adakah rundingan MA63 sudah berakhir, kata bekas KM selepas RUU tewas

Adakah kerajaan akan guna kekalahan semalam sebagai alasan untuk membunuh Perjanjian Malaysia 1963, kata Yong Teck Lee.

Is this end of MA63 talks, asks ex-Sabah CM after bill...

Yong Teck Lee says government must set up parliamentary select committee, as demanded by MPs.

VK Liew and other PH leaders slammed for being ‘yes men’...

Sabah and Sarawak opposition leaders hit out at the states' leaders in Cabinet for failing to ensure restoration of rights to the two states as promised.

Sabah govt confusing people on water supply issue, says former CM

Yong Teck Lee also says the state government is using the dry spell to justify its decision to build a mega dam in Papar.

Ex-CM challenges appointment of Sabah Water Dept director

Yong Teck Lee and Tawau businessman Pang Thou Chung file a suit claiming the appointment of Amarjit Singh is unlawful.

‘Irresponsible’ to amend labour laws without consulting us, says Yong

Sabah labour matters are different from those in the peninsula, says the Sabah Progressive Party president.

It’s fine for Gabungan Sabah to work with other coalitions, says...

The Sabah Progressive Party president says there is no reason not to work with other political coalitions which share the common objective for the state.

Former Sabah CM slams proposed seafood export tax

Yong Teck Lee urges the Sabah government to encourage the expansion of seafood farms and re-strategise its economic direction instead.

Ex-Sabah CM, 3 others seek court order to bar Sabah assembly...

Former chief minister Yong Teck Lee wants the case involving 13 new seats to be resolved first, in the wake of rumours the State Legislative Assembly may be dissolved soon.

Present Sabah govt is way over its head, says former CM

SAPP president Yong Teck Lee says claiming ignorance appears to be favourite excuse of current administration.

It was just a study trip, Yong laughs off Sabah reps’...

The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president says the group leader should not have boasted that the trip had something to do with Chinese investment into Sabah.

Sabah delegates to China do not represent government, says ex-CM

Former chief minister Yong Teck Lee questions the credentials of the seven-man delegation, saying they only represent the legislature and cannot speak for the government.

Leave Maliau Basin coal alone, urges ex-CM

Sabah Progressive Party president Yong Teck Lee says he is disturbed by statements by Sabah leaders who seem intent on exploiting coal deposits in the rich forests of the 'Lost World'.

Ex-CM warns against any plan to restart coal mining in Sabah

Yong Teck Lee says the idea had been shot down despite pressure from Putrajaya.

Peninsular parties must ‘close shop’ in Sabah, says SAPP

Its president Yong Teck Lee says this will have to be done if Sabah and Sarawak are given equal status.

20% oil royalty, another of Warisan’s unkept promises, says SAPP

SAPP president Yong Teck Lee accuses Warisan of trying to buy time on the matter by establishing a committee to calculate how much must be paid to Sabah.

Wrong to appoint unqualified outsider to head council, says Kitingan

Opposition leader Jeffrey Kitingan says it is ludicrous that 'timber man' is suddenly charged with running municipal council of second-most important city in Sabah.

Yong: Why attack a fellow Sabahan, Warisan?

Sabah Progressive Party president Yong Teck Lee says he is just reminding Warisan deputy president Darell Leiking of his statement last year about RM1 trillion federal debt to Sabah.

Warisan will pursue 40% special grant, says party leader

Parti Warisan Sabah treasurer-general Terrence Siambun gives assurance that party remains committed to its objective of restoring Sabah rights.