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Tag: young adults.

Poland scraps taxes for young adults to curb emigration

While the move to do away with taxes for young adults have been welcomed, some are sceptical of the move, stating an underlying motive by the government.

Colorectal cancer cases on the rise among younger adults

Previous research links colorectal cancer to too much sedentary time, in particular watching TV, too much alcohol, too much processed meat, and a lack of exercise.

Obesity-linked cancers on the rise in young adults

Today, some two billion people are overweight or obese in rich nations and, more recently, the developing world.

Being overweight can affect heart health even in young adults finds...

New UK research has found that being overweight appears to affect the structure and function of the heart even in young adulthood, possibly increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.

‘Cancer helped me discover myself’

Cancer patients and survivors speak up about the disease and how it has changed their outlook on life forever.



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