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PPBM aims to get 100,000 youth members in Sabah by next...

PPBM Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman urges youths to continue voicing the grievances of the people.

Youth group hails idea of school cross-culture meets

The Malaysian Youth Council denies it proposed teaching students about various religions.

KL youth unhappy with PH over urban development, job market

They say they voted for a new Malaysia but are still waiting for PH to make good on many of its promises.

It’s not hard, it’s Englishjer

Uppre has a Q&A with founder and creative head of Englishjer, a youth collective focusing on building a better ecosystem of learning English.

Mula Zine: A space for youths to speak up

22-year-old Malaysian photographer Alia Soraya creates online platform for young people to express themselves through art, fashion, beauty and music.

Dr M on what it takes to be a good leader

The prime minister says a good leader is one who puts ego aside and rectifies mistakes.

Take red palm oil to stay young like me, Dr M,...

The primary industries minister lists the benefits of red palm oil in the Dewan Rakyat.

Mahathir defends retaining Kiandee as PAC chairman

What can PH do if the Beluran MP who was in opposition when made PAC chairman has now joined a government party, asks the prime minister.

‘Our inspiration is Afghanistan’ – East Timorese hope to copy cricket...

In the impoverished, once war-ravaged country, young people are taking up cricket in hopes of joining the big leagues as Afghanistan did.

Facebook restructures kids team in quest for youth

California-based Facebook has been working to attract and keep young internet users being lured away from the social network by apps such as photo- and video-oriented Snapchat.

Pope defends migrants, marginalised, at Panama meeting with young

The pope told hundreds of thousands of young pilgrims that it was senseless to condemn every immigrant as a threat to society.

Malaysia not ready for curfew on youngsters, say Sabah activists

They say awareness education is a better option than imposing a curfew on those below 18.

Feckless youngsters are not good prospects for our jobs, say employers

Fresh graduates are unable to secure jobs because they are “too fussy, lazy, or rich,” not because of job shortages

Former Man Utd star Park offers to quit Korea youth role

The exact reason for Park's decision was unclear, but he currently lives in England and the official said that he may have been feeling uneasy about  the distance from his duties.

Women, youth, Hispanics drive Democratic House wins

Fifty-five percent of women said they backed a Democrat for the House this year, compared with 49% in 2014.

Syed Saddiq: RM1 bil allocation not just for sports

It will also be used for youth programmes, he says.

Catholic Church fails to get on youth wavelength

The 267 prelates attending the meet had been tasked with finding a way to breathe fresh life into a centuries-old institution suffering from both a damaging global sex abuse crisis and widespread secularity in the West.

Emulate Abim, Syed Saddiq tells youth NGOs

Youth and sports minister says the 'progressive and moderate' Muslim NGO has remained relevant even after 47 years.

Umno must develop new Malay Renaissance to survive, says party’s deputy

Mohamad Hasan says Umno, even with its diminishing influence and power, cannot allow condition of Malays to deteriorate.

Everyone’s having sex, so let teens take HIV tests, says activist

Martin Choo from the Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society says it is time to be realistic in addressing the rise in HIV cases among underage youth.

Stepsons of Cradle CEO still minors, must be protected, says group

The group, representing friends and family members, says the boys' identities must be kept private and criticises the police's act of putting them in handcuffs.

Consumer group blames banks for high credit card debt among youth

The Consumers Association of Subang & Shah Alam says banks are not stringent enough when issuing credit cards.

Bandar Kuching MP says PH’s oil royalty deal way better than...

DAP's Dr Kelvin Yii says the Sarawak BN government signed away oil rights in 1974 and that whatever the new PH government is offering is better than that enjoyed during the rule of BN.

Umno eyes younger members to prep up for new voting age?

Mixed feelings to Umno's move to allow 16-year-olds to become members.