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Sarawak the benchmark for tolerance, next challenge is education, GPS tells...

Fadillah Yusof reminds the DAP veteran that Sarawak is no stranger to tolerance.

Mahathir launches Japanese translation of book on his speeches

The book, giving guidance to youths on their responsibilities, was launched in Kyodo.

PH may lose if GE is held tomorrow, says PPBM man

PPBM chief strategist Rais Hussin warns that PH is not listening to the people.

Lowering voting age to 18 will ensure democratic vibrancy

If those aged 18 to 21 are old enough to drive, serve in the armed forces, pay taxes and get married, they should also have a voice in their government.

Number of unemployed youths down by 1% end 2018, Dewan Rakyat...

However, Deputy Human Resources Minister Mahfuz Omar says, the number of unemployed graduates went up slightly compared with the same three months the previous year.

It’s our good weather, Dewan Rakyat told as to why teenagers...

No plan to impose curfew on those under 18, says Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail in giving reasons why youths prefer to stay out late.

Survey busts myth that youths asking for too much pay

It shows Malaysians are not shy to accept lower-paying jobs just to stay employed.

47% of Malaysian youths in steep credit card debt

BNM assistant governor urges youths to be more financially savvy.

Study finds worrying trend of mute ministers in Mahathir’s cabinet

Iman Research says youth participants of discussions it held want cabinet members to be able to speak up against Mahathir, and are uneasy with the “fast rise” of Anwar Ibrahim.

Think tank: Youths happy with newfound freedom, but yearn for jobs

Iman Research finds that youths did not take the PH’s pledge to resolve certain issues within 100 days seriously but are hoping that it will fulfil these promises, especially the creation of job opportunities.

Give us incentives to hire fresh grads, employers group tells govt

The Malaysian Employers Federation says incentives will encourage employers to recruit more young people with no work experience.

Youth focus helps Prada sashay back to profit growth

Italian luxury goods house Prada on Wednesday reported a return to net profit growth, following four years of threadbare results, as its strategy of targeting younger fashionistas paid off.

Entrepreneur icon Sofia seeks to help rebuild Umno

Sofia Ahmad, who joined Umno four years ago and is contesting a post in Puteri Umno, says the party is still relevant and that it can rise from defeat.

Why Umno will be the most relevant political party post-GE14

Umno is now free to imbue itself with the best values and define its philosophies and direction, unburdened by the past, as it strives to speak up for the people.

Concern over 30% drop in numbers enrolling in skills training institutes

This will affect government's plans to develop a skilled workforce, says minister Kulasegaran.

Unemployed youths threaten Libya oilfields feeding Sidra; production normal

A group of unemployed Libyan youths will shut down oilfields in the town of Marada in the east unless demands for better state services are met.

Going to the polls won’t change anything, say young voters

A random check with young voters shows some will not be returning to vote as they feel that it is better to depend on themselves than on politicians.

BN Youth manifesto promises jobs in 6 months

Khairy Jamaluddin says he does not want the problem of unemployed graduates any more.

US teens often ride with impaired drivers

Over 30% of US teenagers surveyed admitted to riding in a vehicle driven by a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

RM10m Sabah youth sport and entrepreneurial schemes launched

Sabah CM Musa Aman says Sabah can be an excellent martial arts hub.

Police: 3,000 new drug addicts detected in Penang each year

Penang police chief says the bulk of these are youths are below 20 years of age.

Abolish GST and we’ll become like Greece, says Najib

The prime minister says RM45 billion collected annually from the consumer tax helped the government to implement various programmes including cash handouts under BR1M.

GE14: BN manifesto to include specific agenda for youths

Prime Minister Najib Razak tells BN Youth, Umno Puteri gathering in Johor that priority will be placed on skills, job opportunities as well as housing.

Why politics is no longer sexy

The younger generation is now focused on progress, development and a better future, not the struggle for independence led by a political party.