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On YouTube, Dr M tells leaders, youths to stay clear of...

The prime minister says when he retires, he hopes most of the problems 'are at a stage where they can be settled'.

Dr M nasihat orang Melayu cintai negara lebih dari diri sendiri

Perdana menteri juga menyarankan golongan muda menimba ilmu kewangan dan perniagaan sebanyak yang boleh.

Lokman didakwa api-apikan rakyat dalam video YouTube mengenai kemalangan

Mengikut pertuduhan, Lokman Noor Adam didakwa membuat kenyataan dengan niat mengapi-apikan orang awam untuk melakukan kesalahan terhadap individu lain menerusi YouTube pada 12 Ogos lalu.

Creative videos by teachers to be placed in ministry portal

Many teachers are sharing their knowledge and expertise through interactive videos, and they will be collated by the education ministry.

Najib faces ‘hot questions’ from Apek Cina

Former PM takes his social media campaign to popular YouTuber, says he still respects Dr Mahathir

Louis Vuitton launches LVTV on YouTube

Channel to offer viewers glimpse of life behind the scenes at the company.

Google to pay FTC up to US$200 mil on YouTube probe

The settlement is set to be announced next week and will be the largest ever fine imposed for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

New Huawei handset to launch without Google apps

Huawei is developing its own mobile operating system called HarmonyOS but it remains unclear if it will be able to maintain its market share outside China.

Australia to block internet domains hosting extremist content during terror attacks

Australia and New Zealand have increased scrutiny of websites and social media companies in the wake of the Christchurch massacre in March.

YouTube disables 210 channels tied to Hong Kong protests

YouTube joins Twitter and Facebook by disabling 210 channels branding Hong Kong protestors as dangerous and vile extremists.

YouTube to end targeted ads on videos aimed at kids

It’s not clear how YouTube would deliver this targeting ban with the thousands of video channels with whom it splits ad sales.

‘Why didn’t you play?’ Korean fan flies to Sweden to harangue...

Ronaldo remained on the bench throughout last month's exhibition game in the Korean capital, enraging fans who threatened a class action lawsuit and prompting a police probe into alleged fraud.

Top ‘Fortnite’ streamer Ninja leaves Amazon’s Twitch to join Microsoft’s Mixer

Ninja has streamed himself playing alongside rappers Drake and Travis Scott and often appears on Instagram and Twitter alongside football players Neymar Jr and Harry Kane.

YouTube star Grant Thompson killed in paragliding accident

Rescuers have recovered paragliding equipment as well as a video recording device that may help shed some light on the crash.

Kanak-kanak beli rumah RM33 juta guna pendapatan YouTube

Laman sosial antara tempat di mana netizen boleh menjana pendapatan sehingga berjuta ringgit tidak kira muda atau tua.

YouTube needs ‘new set of rules and laws’ says executive

Rising public pressure on YouTube and other social media platforms has prodded them to try and limit the negative aspects.

Prince’s estate releases animated video for ‘Holly Rock’

The clip's caption notes that the song was recorded in Los Angeles on April 1985, the same week that Prince recorded iconic hit 'Kiss'.

Tesla cars may stream Netflix, YouTube, says CEO

Tesla's Elon Musk says cars users would be able to stream Netflix and YouTube in just about a few months.

Study shows cute kids are YouTube clickbait, child advocates concerned

YouTube has come under fire in recent years from lawmakers and parent groups who contend it has not done enough to protect the privacy of minors.

BLACKPINK’s ‘Kill This Love’ tops 500 mil YouTube views in record...

The single peaked at 24th on the Billboard 200 album chart and 41st on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart in April.

Farmers earn more from YouTube than their crops amid tough times

Farmers are turning to social media to help advocate and earn a living.

Chinese tech companies are coming for America’s influencers

China’s largest technology companies are gunning for YouTube’s biggest stars.

Facebook, Twitter pledge action against extreme content in Australia

Facebook and Twitter agree on further steps to stop violent extremist content spreading in Australia following live-streaming of the New Zealand massacre.

YouTube celebrity ‘Etika’ found dead

Police say American YouTube celebrity Desmond Amofah, better known as 'Etika,' is found dead in New York nearly a week after he disappeared.