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Lewd comments cause YouTube to pull videos of children

YouTube said it has clear policies against videos or comments that sexualise or exploit children, and that it emphatically applies them when alerted to violations.

Mixed reaction to video of US kids trying Malaysian food

A video of four American children trying Malaysian food for the first time has sparked all sorts of reactions on the internet.

YouTube pertingkat penguatkuasaan kandungan kanak-kanak

Ini juga selepas beberapa laporan mempersoalkan ledakan video di YouTube yang disasarkan kepada kanak-kanak tetapi memaparkan kandungan seksual dan jenaka dewasa.

YouTube steps up takedowns as concerns about kids’ videos grow

Concerns about children’s videos gained new force in the last two weeks after reports in BuzzFeed and the New York Times and an online essay by British writer James Bridle pointed out questionable clips.

LeBron James making YouTube series on young basketball hopefuls

The series will be directed by Michael John Warren, known for "Fearless," and "Jay-Z Fade to Black," and will feature former NBA star Jay Williams, whose career was cut short in 2003 by a severe motorcycle accident.

Google broadens takedown of extremist YouTube videos

Hundreds of videos of slain al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki lecturing on the history of Islam, recorded long before he advocated violence against the United States, were among those removed under the new policy.

No ultra-conservative Islamic organisations in Malaysia, says prof

'But some groups may have individual members who are extremist.'

Mangsa tipu vokalis 90-an kini meletup di YouTube

Kini Haikal gembira dengan penerimaan orang ramai untuk single sulungnya, Kenangan Cinta mencapai 700,000 kali tontonan di laman YouTube.

Pulangan PPAP sama nilai dengan pendapatan 25 tahun Piko

Piko yang juga dikenali sebagai pelawak Daimaou Kosaka berkata demikian dalam satu temuramah rancangan TV Fuji "Downtown Now" pada 29 September lalu.

YouTube star PewDiePie in hot water again, over the N-word

In a video clip available online since Sunday, the 27-year-old Swede, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, can be heard using the N-word in an expletive-laden tirade at his opponent.

No plans to block Telegram, says Zahid

The deputy prime minister says authorities have found YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram are used by Islamic State.

Perang Youtube, Despacito bakal dahului carta

Lagu Gangnam Style mengumpul 2,896,057,993 tontonan namun lagu 'See you again' oleh Wiz Khalifa sudahpun memotong jumlah itu dengan jumlah 2,901,997,383 tontonan.

Prince videos appear on old foe YouTube

The account was linked to Prince's imprint under Warner Brothers Records, which last month reissued "Purple Rain" in an expanded edition that reached number four on the latest Billboard album chart.

Google tightens measures to remove extremist content on YouTube

The company will also employ more engineering resources and increase its use of technology to help identify extremist videos, in addition to training new content classifiers to quickly identify and remove such content.

Nenek Mastanamma dari India jadi sensasi masakan di Youtube

Mastanamma mempamer bakat memasak di ruang terbuka menggunakan peralatan memasak yang sangat terhad.

Good samaritans stop robbery in backlane

CCTV footage shows how woman's handbag is snatched from car before passers-by bring down duo on motorcycle.

Disney dumps PewDiePie over anti-Semitic videos

PewDiePie, who had editorial independence under the terms of the arrangement with Disney, reportedly paid two Indian men five dollars to hold the banner reading "Death to all Jews".

Yet another poses atop ‘IPOH’ signage, snaps selfie

A youth has posted pictures of himself on Instagram standing atop the Jalan Kuala Kangsar landmark.

PewDiePie threatens to shut down YouTube channel

He alleges that YouTube has altered the management and presentation of users' accounts, and as a result is unsubscribing viewers from channels without their express consent.

Web giants cooperate on removal of extremist content

Tech companies have come under increasing pressure from Western governments to do more to remove extremist content following a wave of militant attacks.

Has the world gone ‘flipping’ mad?

Bottle flipping is the new craze among kids and adults alike, with hundreds taking to YouTube to show off their skills or performing in jam-packed halls.

Hup Seng defends Ping Pong crackers against video claim

Lab tests to be done to prove there's no plastic inside as claimed by disreputable and hostile individuals.

‘YouTubers’ outshining old-school television

A media revolution is taking place, and most people over 35 years of age aren't tuned in. Millennials and their successors are shunning old-school television...

Court rules Sedition Act cannot be ‘confined’ to some people

JC Nordin allows an interim stay for Padang Serai MP N Surendran pending his appeal on the dismissal of his striking out application.