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Road tax should be based on vehicle weight

As electric cars come on, it will not be practical to charge road tax based on the engine’s cubic capacity, and it will be unfair to base it on horsepower.

Big mistake to stereotype taxi drivers

Our perceptions may not be correct and it would be wrong to paint taxi drivers with a broad brush.

Not long before taxi apps start dropping like flies

The mushrooming of taxi apps is cannibalising an already small market, with each getting no more than 1% of overall market share on average.

Ensuring China tourists choose Malaysia

Going electronic, stopping ethnic Chinese-bashing and handling disasters well are just some of the ways we can keep tourists from China flocking to Malaysia.

Different strokes for Uber and Grab

The writer is of the opinion that organisations founded on sound values and sustained by caring cultures are likely to thrive, while those that have no respect for others will eventually implode.

Cabbies can enjoy the best of both worlds if they choose...

Instead of creating and operating a dozen taxi apps, taxi companies should have encouraged cabbies to migrate to Uber or Grab.

Minimum and maximum speed limits worth a try

Contrary to popular belief, most accidents are not caused by high speed but excessive speed relative to traffic.

Sleep is the devil, even with a second driver on a...

It is better to discourage overnight travel in express buses by introducing a surcharge.

It is good to be right, it is better to be...

Motor insurance policies clearly state drivers should not admit liability even though they are clearly in the wrong.

Ignore the detractors, Natasha

This reader tells straight-As student Natasha Qisty Mohd Ridzuan to stand tall and proud, and ignore the critics who only wish to pull her down to their level.

Great patriots emerge during crisis

The government's move to declassify top secret missions during the two-decade insurgency, has revealed the identities of real patriots within our midst.

Why English and general knowledge are important

If fresh graduates refuse to be fluent in English or brush up on general knowledge, they will have to contend with being unemployable.

Road Transport Department should get its priorities right

Instead of harassing Dego Ride operators, how about stopping the tow truck menace or nabbing lorry drivers who flout the rules?

Endless confusion over public, tour transport

With so many licences issued and with different conditions, even the operators are confused let alone the public and tourists on their options.

Touched by Saudi’s hospitality

Treatment accorded to drivers at Saudi Arabian ambassador’s residence 42 years ago leaves lasting impression on writer.

More must be done to churn out professional bus drivers

Bus drivers must be treated with respect if they are to take their jobs seriously and be trusted to deliver passengers safely to their destination.

Car rental services not as straightforward as one thinks

Car owners who wish to rent out their vehicles and customers who wish to drive them must be aware of the many hidden dangers involved.

Medicine is not about language proficiency

For those who studied in UK, Australia, we saw our 'Mat Salleh' colleagues beating around the bush with their linguistic prowess, but being obviously void of substance.

Radical move needed to make our roads safer

Why ban Dego Ride motorcycle 'taxi' service when it can instead be used to help improve safety on the roads.

Addressing the shortage of good bus drivers

Bus operators must earn more to pay bus drivers higher salaries, licences to drive buses must be subsidised, and training made available to those interested.

Local Chinese are Malaysians through and through

There is simply too much Malaya or Malaysia in the Chinese that cannot be taken out, and we have contributed just as much to the country as we have received from it.

Don’t allow seeds of corruption to take root

Society should frown upon those who lie or cheat a little, as allowing them to get away will eventually bring more harm to them, their families and society in general.

‘I pick my staff for their character, not degrees’

“I preferred graduates but not once did I bother to look at their certificates,” says a self-made man who has interviewed hundreds of people for jobs in companies he created.

Unpaid traffic summonses amounting to billions?

With DBKL's inefficiency, it is no surprise that there are 5.4 million unpaid notices of offences in Kuala Lumpur.