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Gold loses its lustre as higher prices keep China investors, shoppers...

Weakened yuan, reduced economic growth also dampen consumer sentiment.

Ringgit dibuka hampir tidak berubah berbanding dolar AS

Tahap psikologi ringgit pada 4.20 turut diberi tumpuan sekiranya ia kembali menjadi tumpuan jika yuan terus tidak menentu.

Ringgit almost flat against US dollar in early trade

A market trader says the ringgit would come back into focus if the yuan tumult holds.

Ringgit opens lower against US dollar

The local note is at its low for three consecutive days.

Ringgit opens slightly lower against US dollar

At 9.05am, the ringgit stood at 4.1930 against the greenback from yesterday’s close of 4.1910.

Ringgit susut sedikit berbanding dolar AS

Pegawai China membayangkan mereka enggan bersetuju dengan perjanjian terma menyeluruh semasa rundingan perdagangan AS-China minggu ini.

China markets to test risk of most extreme US threat yet

China has launched a new market, encouraging technology companies to list at home.

Ringgit dijangka stabil antara 4.18-4.20 berbanding dolar AS minggu depan

FTSE Russell mengumumkan Malaysia dikekalkan dalam penanda arasnya, iaitu Indeks Bon Kerajaan Dunia, begitu juga China.

Asia’s best-performing currency could potentially rise

Thailand's current-account surplus and foreign reserves shelters the Baht.

Yuan falls for 11th day, set for longest losing streak on...

The yuan is set for its 11th day of losses against the dollar which would be its most prolonged slump.

Ringgit terus menurun berbanding dolar AS

AS akan mengenakan levi tambahan 5% tarif ke atas barangan China bernilai AS$300 bilion bermula 1 Sept.

Ringgit opens marginally lower against US dollar

The continuous devaluation of the yuan due to the current US-China trade wars could impact the ringgit in the long run.

China’s yuan sinks to weakest in 11 years

US-China trade war and the potential global recession weighed on markets led China's currency slid on Monday to its weakest point in more than 11 years.

Yuan falls to 11-year low on trade war, yen pares early...

Gold prices leapt higher and benchmark Treasury yields hit their lowest since July 2016 as investors fled to safer assets.

Yuan hits 11-year low, yen rises on rush to safe-havens

The yuan’s fall, combined with declines in Hong Kong stocks, has pushed the dollars lower and boosted the yen.

China saving stimulus for trade war winter as yuan weakens

China officials are sticking to a cautious monetary strategy even as tensions with the US worsen.

China’s ex-central bankers warn of lasting currency war with US

Conflicts with the US could expand from the trade front into other areas, including politics, military and technology, financial experts warn.

IMF warns increasing US tariffs could harm China’s growth

In an intensifying trade war, US tariffs on China imports could take a huge toll on its economic growth.

Ringgit opens unchanged against US dollar

The local note rose against the British pound to 5.0773/0851 from Thursday's close of 5.0865/0922 and improved against the euro to 4.6815/6876 from 4.6896/6949.

Trump praises US economy amid China spat, vows to back farmers

China's shunning of US agricultural products further inflames an escalating dispute between the world's two largest economies that is dragging into a second year, rattling financial markets.

China opposes ‘currency manipulator’ label

The People's Bank of China calls the designation 'wayward unilateralism and protectionism.'

US designates China a ‘currency manipulator’ as trade war rages

After China allowed the yuan to fall below 7 to the dollar, US has taken a stand accusing China of manipulating its currency.

India rupee drops most in 2019 over Kashmir crisis

The rupee has fallen as much as 1.4% against the dollar today as uncertainty over Kashmir looms.

China lets Yuan tumble past US$7 as trade war escalates

The People's bank of China sets its daily reference rate at a weaker level than 6.9 for the first time since December.