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Zahid fails to get impounded passport to perform umrah

Judge says performance of umrah, while highly recommended during the fasting month, is not compulsory.

Umno terima Mohamad Hasan galas tugas presiden, Ismail pangku timbalan

Setiausaha agung berkata mesyuarat pengurusan Umno hari ini sebulat suara menyetujui Mohamad Hasan menggalas tugas presiden sepanjang Zahid Hamidi bercuti.

Tiada jaminan wakil rakyat Umno kekal selepas Zahid serah tugas presiden,...

Ia hanya alasan pihak tertentu untuk elak dikritik apabila keluar Umno dengan salahkan Zahid.

Zahid takes leave from Umno presidency

The Umno president hopes that it will put an end to all polemics on his leadership.

Kadir Jasin adds to warnings against accepting ex-Umno leaders

Veteran newsman says some ex-Umno leaders have no more value to their party but are being accepted into PPBM.

BN to propose name of new PAC chairman

Opposition leader Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says the Pakatan Harapan manifesto states that the post of PAC chairman is specially allocated to an MP from the opposition.

Sabah Umno leaders disappointed with Zahid, says state youth wing

It's chief Abdul Aziz Julkarnain, however, says the Sabah Umno youth wing remains loyal to the party’s struggle.

Khairy unaware of plot to oust Zahid Hamidi

The Rembau MP says even if such a plot existed, he is not involved in it.

Zahid: BN knows how to woo Chinese voters even if MCA...

The BN chairman says the coalition will respect MCA's decision.

Ibrahim Ali: We will ‘run amok’ to protect Malay rights

The Perkasa president, however, says this does not mean they will take the law into their own hands but will merely take action against those responsible.

Besides Waytha, cops to probe Zahid and 7 others for ‘racial...

Deputy IGP Noor Rashid Ibrahim says police take serious view of statements touching on racial and religious sensitivities

ICERD won’t cause riots unless Zahid stirs up trouble, says Dr...

The prime minister refutes Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's claim that Malay-Muslims will 'run amok' over ICERD.

Don’t ‘disturb’ royal institution, position of Islam, says Zahid

The Umno president says the party is against ratifying the ICERD as it wants the rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution to be preserved.

Report: Malaysian politicians, officials paid bribes in recruitment of Bangladeshis

A Bangladeshi newspaper says the previous government was responsible for the setting up of a 'monopoly' to bring in workers from Bangladesh.

PPBM won’t accept the likes of Zahid, says Penang chief

Marzuki Yahya says this is because the former deputy prime minister is embroiled in various matters that have tarnished Umno's image.

PPBM leaders dismiss Zahid’s claim that Dr M asked him to...

PPBM Supreme Council member Tariq Ismail says it is unlikely PPBM can afford to accept leaders like Zahid, who is now facing charges for corruption.

Zahid dismisses calls to go on leave

He says his position can only be decided at Umno general assembly and not through calls which do not abide by party’s constitution.

Noh Omar supports Umno Youth’s call for Zahid to take leave

He says this is in line with Umno’s convention that any leader charged in court should take leave to focus on their trial.

MyEG says MACC has cleared its name

In a filing to Bursa Malaysia, the service provider says the anti-graft agency sent them a letter to confirm the matter.

MyEG, Datasonic heavily traded after linked to Zahid’s graft charges

Both companies claim they won tenders fairly and deny allegations of kickbacks.

Penyokong Umno kepanasan cuba rempuh pagar mahkamah

Kumpulan itu cuba memasuki perkarangan bangunan mahkamah kerana ingin bersama pemimpin Umno yang berada di lobi.

Zahid hadapi 45 pertuduhan, diikat jamin RM2 juta

Hakim membenarkan presiden Umno itu membayar RM1 juta hari ini, manakala baki diselesaikan sebelum Jumaat depan.

Najib ke mahkamah beri sokongan pada Zahid

Bekas perdana menteri itu meninggalkan Kompleks Mahkamah Jalan Duta, setengah jam kemudian.

No need for anti-hopping laws, says analyst

Awang Azman Awang Pawi says political parties need to celebrate the spirit of democracy and not restrict the freedom to be in associations and political parties.