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Isytihar jumlah hutang anda dengan Sabah, aktivis beritahu Putrajaya

Zainnal Ajamain berkata Sabah berhak mendapat geran tahunan berjumlah 40% daripada hasil bersih yang diperoleh Putrajaya dari Sabah.

Shafie right to say Sabah and Sarawak are one territory, says...

Political activist Zainnal Ajamain says Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister James Masing may have misunderstood the word ‘territory’ as used in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

Kerajaan digesa tidak jadi ‘budak-budak’, sebaliknya terus pertahan kebebasan bersuara

Pemimpin PH dan ahli politik tidak boleh mengharapkan perlindungan istimewa daripada polis setiap kali mereka dimalukan.

Don’t be a crybaby, just uphold free speech, government told

Activists take the Pakatan Harapan administration to task for its reaction to criticism.

Aktivis: Kabinet Sabah mungkin bercanggah dengan perlembagaan

Di bawah Perkara 6(2) perlembagaan Sabah, Kabinet negeri hendaklah terdiri daripada seorang ketua menteri, dan tidak lebih daripada 10 atau kurang daripada 4 menteri.

Umno to Warisan: So we now can’t criticise the government?

Sabah's ruling party is accused of being autocratic for allowing its youth wing to lodge a police report against Shafie's critic.

Delay in appointing village chiefs derails daily life in Sabah

The continuity of native customs has been affected, says Parti Cinta Sabah's Norbert Chin.

Warisan lodges report against activist for criticising Shafie

Sepanggar Warisan Youth chief Norazmi Alimat says Zainnal Ajamain’s statement on social media is misleading and confusing.

Shafie still groping in the dark, says Sabah activist

Zainnal Ajamain says the current chief minister seems directionless.

Peninsula parties entering Sabah may be against MA63, says activist

Zainnal Ajamain says local members of peninsula-based political parties are not free to decide on Sabah’s rights as they are beholden to their political masters in Kuala Lumpur.

There’s a clamour for Sabah governor’s job, says activist

Zainnal Ajamain sees state seeking to stabilise the situation by extending Juhar Mahiruddin's term.

‘New Putrajaya’ still condescending to Sabah and Sarawak, says activist

People in the two states won't have their intelligence insulted, says Zainnal Ajamain.

Budget 2019 insults Sabah and Sarawak, says activist

Zainnal Ajamain denounces what he calls a Malaya-centric budget.

Setting up MA63 panels a waste of time, says activist

'The question of whether the Borneo states are dealing with Malaysia or Malaya must be settled first.'

Activist shoots down Liew’s idea for restoring Borneo states’ status

The law minister proposed the wrong part of the constitution for amendment, says Zainnal Ajamain.

MA63 activist tells Dr M: You can’t speak for East Malaysians

Zainnal Ajamain says Sabah and Sarawak citizens, in pushing for their rights, no longer place their trust in the state governments.

‘Are Sabah, Sarawak MPs stupid or scared?’

They haven't grilled Mahathir on state rights, says a political activist.

Kitingan gesa kerajaan tetapkan tarikh bayar 20% royalti minyak

Manakala seorang pejuang hak negeri Sabah persoal sama ada kerajaan akan membayar royalti atau memberi keuntungan yang diperoleh Petronas.

Time to start ‘Telekom Sabah’, says economist

Zainnal Ajamain says Sabah needs to make a 'leap of faith' by launching its own telco to boost internet speed and ensure full network coverage in the state.

Petronas has no offshore rights, says Borneo activist

Sabah and Sarawak state governments urged to take legal action to stop Petronas oil and gas activities in the waters of the Borneo continental shelf.

Is Anifah’s threat to quit for real?

An activist says he doubts that the minister knows everything about Sabah rights under MA63.

Promises to Sabah, S’wak will impact peninsula, says activist

MA63 activist Zainnal Ajamain says if peninsula voters realise the potential outcome of all the promises, they would turn their backs on Pakatan Harapan.

Pakatan Harapan selling false hope in Sabah, says MA63 activist

Sabah rights activist Zainnal Ajamain ridicules PH's latest manifesto saying only gullible individuals will fall for the promises made and that PH leaders do not understand the thinking of Sabahans.

‘Sabah politicians are wimpy on state rights’

Zainnal Ajamain says opposition members are empty vessels and those in power are fearful of antagonising Putrajaya.