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Tag: Zainur Zakaria

Stop hiding behind claims of conspiracy, ex-Bar president tells PH

Zainur Zakaria warns the government against brushing aside criticism on the decision to withdraw graft charges against Lim Guan Eng.

Lawyer: PM has constitutional role in appointment of judges

Zainur Zakaria says the constitution states that the prime minister advises the king on the appointment of judges, therefore it is baseless to apply to recuse the judges hearing any case involving the PM.

Mengapa tuduhan terhadap penyokong PH digugurkan, peguam tanya Tommy

Kebisuan peguam negara hanya mengundang spekulasi dan kecurigaan terhadap kerajaan.

Ex-Bar chief: Have good mix of judges from Bar and civil...

Legal minds with experience and capacity must be scouted to fill 22 vacancies that will arise in the Federal Court and Court of Appeal, says Ragunath Kesavan.

Mana batas-batas kamu, bekas presiden Majlis Peguam soal Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan

Dua bekas presiden Majlis Peguam berkata Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan sudah mencabuli kedaulatan undang-undang apabila memanggil 2 hakim tertinggi dan meminta mereka meletak jawatan.

Where’s the limit, ex-Bar chiefs ask on top advisory council

Two former Bar presidents say the CEP violated the rule of law by summoning the top two judges and telling them to resign.

Former Bar president against AG reviewing top judges’ posts

Zainur Zakaria says it would be improper for Tommy Thomas to relook the position taken by his officers just because there has been a change in the federal government.

Ex-Bar Council chief questions rationale for chief justice’s extension

This is a matter of public interest as the people and the legal fraternity must have confidence in the judiciary, says Zainur Zakaria.

Ex-Bar chiefs differ on who can choose judges

Zainur Zakaria says it is best for only judges to evaluate their peers for elevation to the bench while Ragunath Kesavan feels that those outside the legal sector should also play a role in the appointment of judges.

Lawyer: Never make unfounded accusations against judges

Lawyers can be critical of judgments but should not become emotional and attack judges or the administration of justice, says former Bar president Zainur Zakaria.

Lawyer: Maria’s Sosma detention an abuse of power

Zainur Zakaria says organising a peaceful rally for the public to express themselves cannot be construed as a security offence

Let new judge hear Maria’s suit against Jamal

No need for speculation over reasons behind change in the judge presiding over case, says former Malaysian Bar president Zainur Zakaria.

Riza dan Jho Low dipanggil bela diri di mahkamah AS minggu...

Anak tiri perdana menteri dan jutawan kontroversi serta beberapa nama lain berpeluang mencabar tuntutan daripada kerajaan Amerika Syarikat (AS) yang mahu merampas aset-aset mereka.