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Tag: Zamri Vinoth

Naik student demands proof of Indira support group’s claim

Preacher Zamri Vinoth says he and many others would not condone the actions of Indira's ex-husband.

Pemuda PAS mohon maaf jemput Zamri Vinoth berucap di muktamar

Pengarah Panitia Muktamar Pemuda PAS, Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamuddin berkata pihaknya tidak mendapat maklumat PAS Perlis mempunyai isu dengan Zamri Vinoth.

PAS Youth apologises to Perlis PAS for allowing preacher Zamri Vinoth...

Youth committee member Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden says they made a mistake in not checking with others before allowing the controversial preacher to speak at the PAS Youth congress.

Saya dijemput ke muktamar PAS sebagai tetamu, kata Zamri Vinoth

Zamri Vinoth berkata sewaktu berucap beliau hanya meminta umat Islam bersatu padu dan menyokong Zakir Naik yang ketika ini ditekan kerajaan India.

Perlis PAS upset over party’s invite to Asri disciple

A Perlis delegate says Zamri Vinoth has been badmouthing PAS in the state.

Saya bukan pentaksub, kata pendakwah Zamri Vinoth

Zamri menjawab persoalan berhubung dakwaan beliau menghina agama Hindu dan pendekatannya dalam berdakwah.

I’m no bigot, a conversation with Perlis preacher Zamri Vinoth

The preacher who was recently arrested for insulting Hinduism explains his approach to preaching.

50 reports received over Zamri, mufti by Perlis police

Police have also arrested a former Tamil radio station DJ who allegedly threatened Zamri.

How preacher Zamri got into hot soup when speaking out against...

He questioned Hindu practices in a passing remark in a talk that criticised Muslims for several failures.

Asri turns to Umno for support in tiff with PH over...

Umno Youth chief praises Perlis mufti for stand against government.

Called ‘deaf’, Perlis mufti brings out signed copy of Dr M’s...

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin defends his remarks, saying he will stick to telling the truth as advised by the prime minister.

Muslims bullied under current government, says Perlis mufti

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin laments no action against those who insult Muslims.