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Tag: Zimbabwe.

UK, African ministers set to discuss Zimbabwe’s possible readmittance to Commonwealth

British foreign minister Boris Johnson will meet his Zimbabwean counterpart Sibusiso Moyo and ministers from neighbouring African countries to discuss Zimbabwe's re-entry into the Commonwealth.

Zimbabwe nurses go on strike over allowances

The strike left public hospitals understaffed and follows a month-long walkout by junior doctors that ended on April 2, 2018.

Zimbabwe play smashes taboo by mocking ousted Mugabes

"Operation Restore Regasi" is a satirical take on the end of Robert Mugabe's administration.

Zimbabwe buys planes from Malaysia, leases them to new airline

Zimbabwe's finance minister says Harare agreed with an unidentified Malaysian firm to buy four Boeing 777 planes for US$70 million but has so far paid for two.

Zimbabwe invites West to observe vote for first time since 2002

Zimbabwe will invite the United States, the European Union’s Commission and parliament, Australia, and the Commonwealth of Nations to observe its upcoming elections.

Rights abuses rife on Zimbabwe tobacco farms, HRW says

Human Rights Watch called upon Zimbabwe to stem child labour and other rights abuses on the country’s tobacco farms.

Zimbabwe leader Mnangagwa to meet Xi in first China state visit

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa will use his state visit to seek economic support from China.

Zimbabwe leader to meet Xi in first China state visit

Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa was due to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday as he seeks economic support from a major partner that previously backed his ousted predecessor Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa pardons 3,000 prisoners to ease overcrowding

The pardon will benefit all female prisoners except those sentenced to death or facing life sentences, all juveniles, and all people jailed for less than 36 months.

Zimbabwe holds Miss Albinism beauty pageant to fight stigma

Oozing charm and confidence, 22-year-old Sithembiso Mutukura beat 12 other contestants in Zimbabwe's first Miss Albinism beauty contest aimed at reducing stigma and increasing awareness about the condition.

Ex-Zimbabwe leader Mugabe calls ouster ‘coup d’état’

Robert Mugabe considers the Zimbabwean military's taking over of power as a coup d'état.

Doctors across Zimbabwe go on strike over pay, drug shortages

The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, which facilitated the strike, decried the insufficient pay and the lack of medicine and equipment.

Lights, camera, action! Young Zimbabweans ditch drugs for performing arts

Nyatanga said the association donates some of the proceeds from its performances – which it stages in townships in remote areas too - to local orphanages and poor widows.

‘Panic’ as Mugabe appears to back new Zimbabwe opposition

Zimbabwe's ex-leader Robert Mugabe sent shockwaves through the party he dominated for decades when he posed with the retired general who will take on the ruling ZANU-PF in this year's election.

Russia eyes Zimbabwe’s diamonds and platinum

Russia has proposed plans to work with Zimbabwe regarding its diamond and platinum industries.

Mugabe acolyte forms new Zimbabwe political party to challenge Mnangagwa

Ambrose Mutinhiri, who is supported by former president Robert Mugabe, has formed the New Patriotic Front.

Menteri kesihatan Zimbabwe kecewa kondom China kecil

Beijing Daxiang and His Friends berkata pihaknya bersedia hasilkan kondom lebih besar mengikut permintaan pasaran.

Zimbabwe’s leading opposition leader Tsvangirai dies at 65

Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change party died of cancer at the age of 65.

Zimbabwe to give white farmers 99-year leases

The leases would give them the same rights to agricultural land as black farmers.

Victims relive Zimbabwe massacres that taint new leader

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been criticized over his refusal to apologize over his role in the Bhalagwe massacres of over 30 years ago.

Zimbabwe ruling party fires 11 Mugabe allies from parliament

Local media say that ZANU-PF is targeting those who publicly backed the ousted leader and his wife.

Zimbabwe opposition leader Roy Bennett killed in US helicopter crash

Bennett was a member of the opposition MDC party, and had steadfastly rejected the idea of further dictatorship in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe ousted by ‘military coup’ claims ex-minister

Jonathan Moyo says Zimbabwe's new president, Emmerson Mnangagwa stole power and was leading an 'illegal regime'.

Zimbabwe’s anti-graft agency investigates Grace Mugabe’s PhD

This after the University of Zimbabwe informed the commission that Grace's doctorate was "suspicious" and needed to be investigated.