Meet Winter, the ‘manja pot’

Winter is a seven-year-old cat who’s super affectionate. (Jamie pic)

The universe works in mysterious ways and the story of how Winter came into Jamie’s life is worth a re-telling.

Winter is a seven-year-old cat who Jamie adopted from her friend Su, a cat rescuer.

Jamie recalls that this was a new and exciting experience for her, as her family always had dogs, not cats.

“I was looking specifically for a black, male cat, to match my witchy personality,” Jamie jokes.

She said that although her friend introduced her to many black cats in her care, there was no real chemistry between her and any of them.

Jamie and Winter enjoying a cuddle. (Jamie pic)

“And then Winter came running from out of the blue, into the room to present himself as a candidate as well.

“He came up to me and I held out my hand. Instead of sniffing me out, he face-bumped me, marking me as his and just like that, my heart strings were pulled and I melted. I became his mom,” Jamie says.

Jamie used the next two weeks to prepare a safe haven for Winter in her home. She placed netting over all the windows so that he wouldn’t venture outside and get lost or injured.

Winter is the love of Jamie’s life. (Jamie pic)

“I wanted to be a responsible mom and did my best to learn all about tending to cats as he was my first,” she says.

Sharing her life with Winter has been a truly blessed experience for Jamie.

“Winter is delightfully affectionate and runs to me when I call. Every morning he brushes against me asking for food and lays beside me waiting to be kissed and cuddled.”

Jamie says that unlike the stories she’s heard about cats being aloof and unfriendly until they need something from you, Winter is the exact opposite.

“Winter is special. He is super ‘manja’ and behaves more like a dog than a cat when it comes to giving and receiving affection,” Jamie says.

Jamie spends his days lounging around the house looking sleek and beautiful. (Jamie pic)

However, a feline will always be a feline and like most other cats, Winter and water don’t mix.

“Winter hates to shower. Also, when he gets too playful, I end up getting scratched by him although it’s unintentional.

“He’s also a rather fussy eater. Nonetheless, I am so grateful to have this furry companion in my life. He is one special cat indeed,” she says.

Worried that Winter would be lonely when she was travelling a lot, Jamie decided to get him a playmate.

“So, we looked around to adopt another cat, more like a pet for Winter and we found Charlie,” she says, adding that the two of them are bosom buddies.

Winter and his buddy Charlie are as thick as thieves. (Jamie pic)

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