Panic when truck tyre explodes in Jakarta


JAKARTA: The public in Jalan Thamrin, the location of the bombing attacks, who were still traumatised by the incident, panicked upon hearing another explosion at 9 pm last night.

The explosion near the Technology Study and Absorbtion Department, here, could be heard some 500 metres away, causing people to panic and some even cried in fear.

However, police confirmed the explosion was the sound of a burst truck tyre on the road.

Central Jakarta Police chief, Hendro Pandlowo told reporters here, the public could still be traumatised by this morning’s incident and were sensitive to the sound of any explosion.

Police had also conducted checks to ensure no untoward incident took place.

In the incident at 10.50 am yesterday, seven people including the five suspects were killed in the bombing and shootings in front of the Gedung Cakrawala in Jalan Thamrin.