Sick crew forces US-Britain flight to divert to Canada

british-sirlinesLONDON: A British Airways flight from the United States to Britain had to be diverted to Canada after members of the cabin crew became unwell, the airline said on Tuesday.

The crew was taken to hospital in Vancouver “as a precaution” after some staff fell ill two hours into the flight from San Francisco, California, to London Heathrow.

The flight was staffed by 22 cabin crew and three pilots.

British Airways stressed not all of the crew was affected but the exact number of stricken staff has not been disclosed.

The flight departed at 7:42 am local time in San Francisco (1442 GMT), and landed in Vancouver nearly four hours later.

A British Airways spokeswoman said: “We are sorry for the delay to our customers’ flight but the safety and well being of our customers and crew is always our top priority.

“The cabin crew were checked as a precaution at local hospitals before being discharged.”

Passengers were put up in hotels while alternative flights were arranged, she added.