Ferrari rampage video lands Morocco ‘rich kid’ in jail


RABAT: A Moroccan court has sentenced a young Ferrari driver to two years in jail after he triggered a scandal by posting footage of himself apparently drunk at the wheel, local media said Wednesday.

The 20-year-old caused a scandal in the North African country when footage of him apparently inebriated and insulting police officers in the capital Rabat went viral.

First he is seen at a nightclub holding a bottle of champagne, and later at the wheel of his Italian sports car, still with the bottle, showing signs of intoxication.

He then appears in front of his crashed car, mocking police officers, and finally sitting proudly in the passenger seat of an ambulance smoking a cigarette.

News reports at the time of his arrest last month said the man was the nephew of a wealthy businessman, with newspaper Al Massae complaining he had received “special treatment” from police.

Morocco’s official MAP news agency said Wednesday the man had also been fined the equivalent of 2,000 euros after being found guilty of “driving while intoxicated” and without insurance.