Singapore mufti: IS video depicting Abu ‘Uqayl full of falsehood


SINGAPORE: The video message from Islamic State (Daesh), featuring “Abu ‘Uqayl”, who has been identified by the Singapore home affairs ministry as a radicalised Singaporean, “is full of distortions and falsehood,” says Singapore Mufti Mohamed Fatris Bakaram.

“The video is deliberately designed to mislead Muslim viewers into sympathising with IS,” he said in a statement here.

Unfortunately, the mufti added, the video was only one of many similar messages which could be found on many websites and social media.

“These distortions are dangerous as they misinterpret and manipulate the teachings of Islam to influence and convert those who may not be able to discern truth from untruths,” he warned.

The ministry on Sunday said it was believed the person in the video calling himself “Abu ‘Uqayl” was Megat Shahdan Abdul Samad, 39, who left Singapore in 2014 to work in the Middle East, where he was believed to have been radicalised.

Subsequently, he made his way to Syria to join the IS ranks and was believed to be still with the group in Syria, said the ministry.

“Unfortunately, Megat Shahdan is one such individual who has been brainwashed by such dangerous views and doctrines,” said Fatris.

The mufti said the Singapore Muslim community must stay vigilant, with parents, relatives and friends having extremely important roles to help anyone who showed signs of being influenced.

Among others, the three-minute 30-second video, allegedly made by the media wing of IS, showed “Abu ‘Uqayl”, who speaks in English, hurl words at Britain’s Prince Harry like, “Why don’t you come here and fight us if you’re man enough”.

Prince Harry was in Singapore in June.