Mexican airline vows to reunite immigrant families for free

Controladora Vuela Cia de Aviacion, known as Volaris. (Bloomberg pic)

MEXICO CITY: A Mexican airline is offering to reunite families separated by President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy — for free.

Controladora Vuela Cia de Aviacion, known as Volaris, said it will try to work with authorities in the US, Mexico and Central America to bring family members back together. The company operates flights across Mexico and to various US cities, as well to the capitals of Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

“It is heartbreaking to see children separated from their parents and it is our mission to reunite them,” the company said in a tweet Friday.

A number of airlines have sought to distance themselves from Trump’s controversial policy. American Airlines Group Inc. and United Continental Holdings Inc. asked the US government not to fly immigrant children separated from their families on their aircraft, while Frontier Airlines Inc. and Spirit Airlines Inc. said they wouldn’t knowingly transport migrant children away from their families.

The Trump administration appeared to retreat from the policy on Thursday, ordering US agencies to work together to reunite the families.