Brazil’s Temer to press Pence on US treatment of migrant families

Michel Temer has been President of Brazil since August 2016. (Reuters pic)

BRASÍLIA: President Michel Temer will press US Vice President Mike Pence during his two-day visit to Brazil on cases of Brazilian children separated from their parents upon trying to enter the United States, a Brazilian diplomat said on Monday.

Pence will hold bilateral talks with Temer and other Brazilian officials on Tuesday. On Wednesday he is scheduled to visit an Amazon jungle city where refugees from Venezuela are being housed. He will travel to Ecuador on Wednesday afternoon.

Temer “will express his worries about the treatment” of about 50 Brazilian children who were separated from their parents as part of the Trump administration’s policy of seeking to detain and prosecute anyone accused of entering the country illegally, said Brazilian diplomat Fernando Magalhães during a Monday foreign ministry briefing in Brasília.

In an about-face last week, US President Donald Trump issued an executive order that ended the separations at the US-Mexico border, but reuniting children with parents has proven troublesome.