Two Bosnians charged with plotting Islamist attack on state police

A potential terrorist attack in Bosnia has been prevented. (Reuters pic)

SARAJEVO: Bosnia’s state prosecutor on Tuesday charged two radical Islamists with plotting a terrorist attack on security police.

The Sarajevo prosecutor’s office said Maksim Božić, a former Christian who converted to Islam, and Edin Hastor were members of the ultra-conservative Salafi movement and accused them of cooperating with unnamed persons in obtaining weapons and explosive devices.

It said Bozic, 28, and Hastor, 46, were suspected of plotting an attack on the headquarters of the State Protection and Investigation Agency and interior ministry of the northern canton of Tuzla.

The attack could have “seriously destabilised the political and constitutional order as well as security in Bosnia and the region,” a statement by the prosecutor’s office said.

The two men were arrested in a police operation in April during which grenades, automatic weapons, combat vests, and other military equipment were seized, it said.

Bosnia’s Muslims are generally moderate, but some have adopted radical Salafi Islam under the influence of foreign fighters who came to the country during its 1992-95 war to fight alongside Muslims against Christians.

Some of them have formed groups which Bosnia’s moderate national Islamic organisation is seeking to dismantle.