Hungary to quit UN migration pact shunned by Washington

The Hungarian government referred to the The Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration as a “threat to the world”. (Reuters pic)

BUDAPEST: Hungary will pull out of a UN migration pact before its final approval, it said on Wednesday, calling the agreement a “threat to the world”.

The Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was approved on Friday by all 193 UN member nations except the United States, which pulled out last year.

But Hungary, led by right-wing nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has decided not to sign the final document at a ceremony in December.

“This document is entirely against Hungary’s security interests,” Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó told a news conference, adding: “This pact poses a threat to the world from the aspect that it could inspire millions (of migrants).”

Hungary, along with Poland and the Czech Republic, has taken a tough stand against the admission of migrants, putting it at odds with the European Union, but striking a chord with voters by arguing that irregular immigration threatens European stability, and fencing off Hungary’s southern borders.

Szijjártó said the UN pact was “extreme, biased, and facilitates migration”.

“Its main premise is that migration is a good and inevitable phenomenon … We consider migration a bad process, which has extremely serious security implications.”

Szijjártó said Hungary’s proposals were brushed aside during the debate of the document, which he said mostly favoured the interests of African and Latin American countries, from where migration is more likely to originate.