Trucks carrying US humanitarian aid arrive at Venezuela border

A US flag waves at the US Embassy in Caracas. (Reuters pic)

CUCUTA: Trucks carrying desperately-needed US humanitarian aid arrived at the Venezuelan border on Wednesday, AFP reporters said.

Several vehicles loaded with food and medicines rumbled into a collection center on the Colombian side of the Tienditas border bridge, which remains blocked by Venezuelan troops.

President Nicolas Maduro has refused foreign aid shipments, saying they would open the way for US military intervention to depose him.

His opposition rival Juan Guaido says up to 300,000 are in danger of death in the crisis-torn country for want of humanitarian assistance.

The convoy, which departed the day before from the city of Bucaramanga in northeastern Colombia, was cheered on its arrival by a group of Venezuelan migrants in Tienditas.

Colombia’s Disaster Risk Management unit said it would stockpile the aid until shipments are authorised to cross into Venezuela.

More humanitarian aid is expected “in the coming days” it said, including from Brazil and a Caribbean island it said still had to be determined.