IS teen will not be allowed into Bangladesh

British teenager Shamima Begum (right) and her two friends at Gatwick Airport, south of London. The trio fled to join the Islamic State group in Syria 4 years ago. (AFP pic)

DHAKA: A teenager who was stripped of her British citizenship after leaving London to join the Islamic State (IS) group is not a Bangladeshi citizen and there was “no question” of her being allowed to enter the country, the foreign ministry in Dhaka said on Wednesday.

It added it was “deeply concerned that she has been erroneously identified as a holder of dual citizenship shared with Bangladesh alongside her birthplace, the United Kingdom.”

Shamima Begum, 19, left to join IS when she was 15 but now wants to return. Her British citizenship was revoked on security grounds.

“She is a British citizen by birth and has never applied for dual nationality with Bangladesh,” the Bangledeshi foreign ministry said in a statement.