Ireland PM: Time for UK to compromise

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar speaks during a news conference in Brussels. (Reuters pic)

DUBLIN: Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said on Friday that Brexit was a problem of the UK’s creation and it should be making compromises, not the European Union.

“I think we have made a lot of compromises already and what is not evident is what the UK government is offering to the European Union and Ireland should they wish us to make any further compromises,” he told reporters in Dublin.

“I think it requires a change of approach by the UK government to understand that Brexit is a problem of their own creation. What was agreed was already a compromise. They have failed to secure ratification of this so it should be a question of what they are now willing to offer us.”

“We were and remain happy to apply the backstop only to Northern Ireland if they want to go back to that. It doesn’t have to trap, or keep, all of Great Britain in the customs territory at all.”