Israel: 6 hurt near Tel Aviv in Gaza rocket attack

A damaged house that was hit by a rocket can be seen north of Tel Aviv. (Reuters pic)

JERUSALEM: Sirens sounded in central Israel and police and medics said a house was on fire and six people were wounded on Monday after a suspected rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

The early morning incident in Mishmeret, an agricultural town north of Tel Aviv, came at a time of high tension ahead of the anniversary of Gaza border protests and an April 9 election campaign in Israel.

Police said a house was on fire and there were reports it had been hit by a rocket. The Magen David Adom ambulance service said it was treating six of the building’s occupants for wounds.

That came minutes after the Israeli military activated air raid sires in the area and said one rocket had been launched out of Gaza, a Palestinian enclave whose dominant Hamas Islamists and other militant groups possess such weaponry.

There was no immediate Palestinian confirmation.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is seeking a fifth term in next month’s ballot, was in Washington on Monday and due to meet US President Donald Trump.