Rumour has it UK government not allowed hold new Brexit vote

Britain’s Theresa May, despite a no-confidence vote on Brexit, is still determined to go through. (AFP pic)

LONDON: There are suggestions that Britain’s government has been told it will not be allowed to bring Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal back for a fourth vote, the BBC’s political editor said on Tuesday.

Parliament’s speaker John Bercow said there needed to be significant changes to May’s deal before it could be brought back for a third vote last week.

Brexit minister Steve Barclay has hinted that May might bring the deal back to lawmakers again this week.

“Whispers this morning that clerks in Commons have made it clear to govt that Bercow would not allow them to bring back the deal for another vote – one source says this is a ‘Big Problem’,” the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg said on Twitter.

“Speaker’s office says not decided yet – let’s see.”