African Union says coup ‘not appropriate response’ to Sudan’s challenges

Sudanese protesters chant slogans as they respond to a call to march on the army headquarters in Khartoum. (AFP pic)

ADDIS ABABA: The African Union on Thursday criticised the military ouster of Sudan’s veteran president Omar al-Bashir and called for calm and restraint.

“The military take-over is not the appropriate response to the challenges facing Sudan and the aspirations of its people,” said a statement from Moussa Faki, chairman of the AU Commission.

He said the AU’s Peace and Security Council would meet “swiftly to consider the situation and take the appropriate decisions.”

The statement said that Faki called for “all concerned to exercise calm and utmost restraint and to respect the rights of citizens, foreign nationals and private property in the interest of the country and its people.”

He urged all involved to “engage in an inclusive dialogue to create the conditions that will make it possible to meet the aspirations of the Sudanese people to democracy, good governance and well-being and restore constitutional order as soon as possible.”