Yemeni rebels attack southern Saudi airport with a drone

Houthi fighters guard a pro-rebel gathering in Sanaa on September 27, 2018. (AFP pic)

DUBAI: Yemen’s Houthi rebels backed by Iran said they’ve attacked Najran airport in southern Saudi Arabia with a drone, days after targeting one of Aramco’s oil facilities in the kingdom.

Saudi authorities said the explosive-laden drone attacked a “vital installation used by civilians,” according to a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency. There were no immediate reports on casualties or damages.

The kingdom had earlier accused Iran of ordering the attack on Aramco, which caused a temporary suspension of an oil pipeline, but didn’t provide evidence to back their claim.

Yemen’s Civil war is spilling deeper into Gulf region

Tension between US and its allies, and Iran has spiked after the Trump administration tightened its economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic. American officials say the action aims to curb Iran’s political influence in the Middle East.

Najran has been on of the hardest-hit Saudi areas by the war in Yemen. The kingdom mobilised a coalition of mostly Sunni-ruled countries in 2015 to topple the Houthis after they ousted the country’s internationally-recognised government.