Polls open in Ireland for Brexit-dominated vote

Ireland votes in the European elections today.

DUBLIN: Voters in Ireland began casting ballots Friday in European elections that are being overshadowed by neighbouring Britain’s failure to leave the bloc nearly three years after the seismic Brexit vote.

After months of political paralysis in London and amid concerns about economic disruption, most of Ireland’s mainstream parties have campaigned heavily to cement the nation’s place in the future of the European project.

The candidates for the European Parliament have also pledged to dampen the economic shock predicted to radiate into Ireland if and when its closest trading partner leaves the European Union.

Two Irish MEPs will be elected to new seats, created in anticipation of Britain’s 73 lawmakers retiring from their posts.

However they will be unable to take up their positions until Britain finalises its split with the EU.

The results of the vote are expected on Monday.

Later on Friday the Czech Republic kicks off its two-day voting process, a day after residents cast their votes in Britain and also in the Netherlands where the Labour party scored a surprise victory to win most seats in the elections.

Other members of the 28-nation EU will vote on Saturday or Sunday.

Ireland is also voting Friday in a referendum to reform its constitutional laws on divorce in the latest drive to modernise the once staunchly Catholic nation.

At present couples must live separately for four out of five years before they may be granted a divorce, a hangover condition from the 1995 referendum which legalised the dissolution of marriage.

If the provision is repealed, the Irish government has signalled it will bring forth legislation shortening the requirement to two out of the previous three years.

The latest vote follows a landslide referendum last May which saw Ireland vote 66% in favour of repealing its constitutional ban on abortions.

In October voters also lifted a rarely enforced constitutional ban on blasphemy.

The referendum result is expected to be announced on Saturday.