Police kill gunman who opened fire on US courthouse

The bullet-riddled glass doors of the Earle Cabell Federal Building in Dallas, Texas June 17, 2019. (AFP pic)

WASHINGTON: A man armed with an automatic rifle opened fire on a Dallas federal courthouse on Monday before being killed by police in the southern US city, law enforcement officials said.

Police identified the shooter as 22-year-old Brian Clyde, who caused no deaths or injuries when he began firing at the courthouse entrance from a sidewalk.

In images captured by a photographer at the scene, Clyde is pictured wearing a military uniform and bulletproof vest with a black balaclava covering his face and his belt lined with ammunition.

Video shot by bystanders and released by local media show police returning fire at Clyde who, apparently after being hit, ran across the street from the courthouse where he collapsed near a parked car.

He died after being transported to a local hospital.

Witnesses reported that between 10 and 15 shots were fired in the space of a few minutes during the gun battle.

Police later carried out a “controlled explosion” in Clyde’s vehicle parked near the scene of the shooting.

The courthouse he targeted is home to several courtrooms and the offices of the local federal attorney and US Marshals.

Clyde’s motives were not immediately clear. Police say he was carrying at least five 30-round magazines for his rifle.

Local media reported the gunman spent two years in the army from 2015 to 2017 and had recently finished a university course