Netanyahu says defence pact with US would deter enemies

Netanyahu says the discussion on a defence pact with the US will continue at a meeting of the UN General Assembly. (AFP pic)

JERUSALEM: A defence pact with the US would act as a strong deterrent to Israel’s enemies, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu’s comments on Sunday came a day after Donald Trump said in a tweet that he had discussed with the prime minister the possibility of moving forward with a mutual defence treaty.

The two leaders will continue that discussion at a meeting of the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu rejected claims that the treaty would limit Israel’s freedom to act.

“This adds an enormous layer of deterrence against our enemies while preserving our ability to act and our forces’ freedom of action,” Netanyahu said at a cabinet meeting.

“We will always insist on this and this will always be part of a defence treaty, just as it is part of other defence treaties.”