Duterte slams US for ‘acting like they know answers to our problems’

Duterte seeks stronger defence ties with Russia. (AFP pic)

MANILA: Rodrigo Duterte used his second visit to Russia as an opportunity to again criticise the US for being critical of his war on drugs, as he sought greater defence ties with Moscow.

In a speech at an event organised by a Russian thinktank in Sochi, the Philippine president took a swipe at “so-called friends” who “act like they know the answers to our problems”.

“They create rules and norms for almost everyone, and some refuse to be bound by the same,” he said, according to a transcript of his speech.

“They weaponise human rights oblivious to its damaging consequences.”

During the open forum, Duterte said the US has “criticised heavily” his war on drugs that has killed thousands, and stopped the sale of weapons due to human rights concerns.

He however also said he has nothing against the US, which he described as “a close friend” and “our only treaty ally”.

In his bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday, Duterte said he has a “long-term commitment to elevate” defence relations with Russia.

Putin, for his part, said Russia wants greater trade and economic ties with the Philippines.