Australian police zap man with taser for fighting over toilet paper

Police neutralised the attacker who attacked another customer and store worker. (Reuters pic)

SYDNEY: A fight over toilet rolls ended with a man being tasered, Australian police said Thursday, as coronavirus concerns drive panic buying.

Police were called to a store in the New South Wales town of Tamworth, about four hours drive north of Sydney, after the man allegedly lashed out and attacked another customer and a worker.

Over 50 people have been confirmed to have the virus in Australia so far with the latest cases including an eight-month-old baby in Adelaide.

Coronavirus fears have triggered runs on several products, including hand sanitisers and face masks, with images of shoppers stacking trolleys with toilet rolls spreading on social media.

A fiery truck crash in Brisbane on Wednesday night further fuelled concerns after it was revealed it to be carrying loo rolls.

But supermarkets and manufacturers urged calm, reassuring customers that deliveries were increasing to compensate for the demand.

Two major supermarket chains have also limited purchases on toilet paper to help quell the stockpiling.

Darwin’s daily paper, the NT News, made light of the loo roll hysteria, printing several blank pages for their readers to use if worst comes to the worst.

“We’ve printed an eight-page special lift-out inside, complete with handy cut lines, for you to use in an emergency,” the paper’s front page read.