Indonesian military jet crashes into residential area in Riau

The pilot managed to eject from the aircraft before the crash. (Twitter pic/indomiliter)

JAKARTA: An Indonesian Military (TNI) Hawk 209 jet fighter crashed in a residential area in Riau this morning.

TNI in a statement today said in the incident at 8.13am west Indonesian time, the aircraft crashed into Perumahan Mutiara Sialang Indah, Desa Kubang Jaya, Kabupaten Kampar.

According to local media reports, at the time of the incident, occupants of the two badly damaged houses were not home.

Pilot Apriyanto Ismail, who managed to eject from the aircraft, is now being treated at the Dr Soekirman Lanud Hospital, Pekanbaru.

The cause of the crash involving the British-built aircraft has yet to be ascertained.