Rocket fired towards US embassy in Iraq, child injured

US soldiers clear rubble from a site of Iranian bombing in Anbar, Iraq earlier this year. (AP pic)

BAGHDAD: A rocket fired towards Baghdad’s Green Zone, which hosts the US and other embassies, fell just short causing damage to a home and injuring a child early on Sunday, the Iraqi military said.

Security forces at the same time stopped another Katyusha rocket from being launched at Taji military air base north of Baghdad which hosts US troops, a military statement added.

The military gave no further details. US officials blame Iran-backed militia for regular rocket attacks on their facilities in Iraq, including near the embassy in Baghdad. No known Iran-backed groups have claimed responsibility.

A policeman and a medical source confirmed a child was lightly injured and said it was caused by rocket fragments that landed on a home.

The police source said an anti-rocket system set up to defend the US embassy, and which had been tested on Saturday, had shot down a rocket which exploded in mid-air before it could hit the Green Zone.

Iraqi security forces raided a headquarters of the Kataib Hezbollah Iran-backed militia in southern Baghdad last week arresting more than a dozen members of the group on charges of involvement in rocket attacks.

Most of whom were released shortly afterwards.

Paramilitary groups backed by Iran have come to dominate parts of Iraq’s security institutions, economy and political life.

Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s government is favoured by the US and has indicated it will back up tough talk against the militias with action, but last week’s confusing episode over the arrest of militiamen showed it will come up against tough resistance.