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Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty in NY sex cult case

She is one of several people charged in connection with a secretive organisation called Nxivm.

Juncker: No-deal Brexit risk remains despite delay

The withdrawal deal negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May with the EU has been rejected three times by the British parliament.

French climate activists in sit-in to denounce ‘republic of polluters’

Protestors rallied around the slogan, 'Block the Republic of Polluters' and held banners calling Macron 'president of polluters'.

Putin’s use of tycoons as Trump emissaries exposed by Mueller

A political scientist says that Russian tycoons play an important role in the country's foreign policy.

Peace hopes suffer setback as Taliban-Afghan talks derailed

A planned peace summit in Doha has been postponed as the Taliban questions the number of delegates Kabul was to send.

Athens installs Alexander the Great statue after 27-year delay

Athens mayor insists the statue's installation has nothing to do with the ongoing Greek dispute with Macedonia.

Turkey arrests suspected spies for UAE, probing Khashoggi link

An official says they are investigating whether an intelligence officer's arrival in Turkey was related to the Jamal Khashoggi murder.

All Notre-Dame paintings to be removed as officials head inside

The artworks are expected to be transported to the Louvre museum to be repaired.

How China is defending its detention of Muslims to the world

Under pressure from the West and the Muslim world, China attempts to defend its internment of Uighur Muslims as counter-terrorist actions.

Kremlin: Mueller report shows ‘no reasonable proof’ of Russian meddling

Russia has repeatedly denied allegations that it meddled in the 2016 US Presidential elections.

N. Korea test was of ground-combat weapon, S. Korea says

A US official says the weapon fired by North Korea was an anti-tank weapon, rather than a fully operational new weapon as claimed.

China invites North Korea to Belt and Road summit

Kin Jong-un's participation in the summit is uncertain as he meets with Putin this month.

13 killed as church roof collapses in South Africa

The accident happened on Thursday evening in the town of Dlangubo, north of Durban, after heavy rains.

India suspends Kashmir border trade with Pakistan

India accuses Pakistan of misusing the trade networks to smuggle arms, counterfeit currency and drugs into the contested region of Kashmir.

Rights group condemns US vigilantes’ treatment of migrants on border

The vigilantes claim they are helping authorities deal with an upsurge of migrants but the ACLU says they are acting outside the law.

Bangladesh girl burned to death on teacher’s order

Police said Friday that one of the 17 people arrested in connection with her death had accused the school's principal of ordering the attack.

Kushner friend worked with Putin deputy on `Reconciliation’ Plan

Kirill Dmitriev, a chief executive officer of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, was among several people close to Putin who sought 'to make inroads' with Trump’s incoming administration following his election win.

Judge upholds New York City’s mandatory measles vaccination order

The judge sided with municipal health officials who defended the order as a rare but necessary.

New name, old worries: North Macedonia holds presidential vote

Even among those who have accepted the name change, many have done so reluctantly, convinced by the promises of rapprochement with the EU .

Taliban-Afghan talks derailed by delegate row

The Taliban – who see Ghani as a US stooge and his government as a puppet regime – also insisted they would not be negotiating with Kabul at the conference.