New restrictions may inadvertently cause more infections

Shorter business hours may lead to more people in crowded spaces and defeat the purpose of limiting the exposure to infection.

Can life return to normal after Covid-19?

We are living in a new reality, the 'post-coronavirus reality', and we have to learn how to change and adapt to survive.

The coronavirus and the wisdom of traditional greetings

The call to not shake hands but to say Salam Malaysia so as to prevent coronavirus infection not only has merit, it also reminds us of the wisdom of our Asian way of greeting others.

Not right for local council to sue the public

The Subang Jaya Municipal Council's plan to sue a dog lover for defamation is a waste of taxpayers' money and time.

Vacancy: A good govt to match a good king of the...

Malaysians must hope that those who wish to form a new government will be able to match the goodwill shown by Sultan Abdullah.

For crying out loud, please understand what’s fake news

Politicians around the world have used the phrase liberally on journalists and critics.

Winners and losers in khat row


Should govt, employees and employers share burden equally during Covid-19?

The government should provide expanded social protection while employers should do their best to take care of their employees during this crisis.

Muhyiddin’s stimulus plan and the ‘wow’ factor

Announcing a huge stimulus package is one thing, implementing it is another.