Munshi Abdullah tika Tahun Baru Cina 1830

Terlalu meriah sehinggakan mengakibatkan kebakaran besar di Singapura.

Selepas Mahathir, masa depan pendidikan masih belum tentu

Negara sedang menghadapi Krisis Pendidikan.

Lousy start for acting education minister Mahathir

The turbulence caused by an education ministry directive over Ponggal celebrations portends the difficulties Dr Mahathir Mohamad will face in revamping the education system.

O flying car! Where art thou?

Flying cars conjure up images of a fantastical future, and it's something we're accustomed to seeing or reading in sci-fi movies and novels. But do flying cars make sense?

Anwar vs Azmin: Both will lose

For crying out loud, please understand what’s fake news

Politicians around the world have used the phrase liberally on journalists and critics.

Jenaka kejam sempena Merdeka dan Maal Hijrah

Tindakan kita menuju Hari Kemerdekaan dan Maal Hijrah menunjunkkan kejahilan mengenai signifikan sambutan kedua-dua hari itu.

The cruel joke of Merdeka and Maal Hijrah

Winners and losers in khat row


In the face of eviction, Penang plantation residents hope for intervention

23 families face eviction, fear destruction of temples, in Ladang Sungai Kecil, Nibong Tebal.

Whose responsibility is it to check on hoarding of onions?

Consumers should also learn to boycott unscrupulous business outlets.