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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Our ‘me, myself and I’ politicians

Except for Amanah which raised some real concerns about the welfare of this nation, recent party AGMs displayed personal egos.

Nasihat Munshi Abdullah untuk pengarang

Munshi berkali-kali menegaskan, menolak hujah bahawa bahasa Melayu itu mudah dan merayu agar generasi muda benar-benar berhati-hati dan mendalami bahasa ini sebelum berpindah mempelajari bahasa lain.

Anwar vs Azmin: Both will lose

And if, in the unlikely event that PH collapses as a result of the political wayang kulit, the voter who voted for a New Malaysia will be the ultimate loser.

Tanjung Piai shows Malaysians tired of waiting for a New Malaysia

While the Tanjung Piai by-election offers a lifeline to the MCA and the BN, it shows yet again that the people are very unhappy with the slow progress made by the PH in fulfilling its promises of structural reforms and economic well-being.

For crying out loud, please understand what’s fake news

Politicians around the world have used the phrase liberally on journalists and critics.

Jenaka kejam sempena Merdeka dan Maal Hijrah

Tindakan kita menuju Hari Kemerdekaan dan Maal Hijrah menunjunkkan kejahilan mengenai signifikan sambutan kedua-dua hari itu.

The cruel joke of Merdeka and Maal Hijrah

Winners and losers in khat row


What human rights are we celebrating this year?

It is almost as if Pakatan Harapan made a U-turn on some of the promises made before GE14.

No discussion held with AG on Rafizi case

Azhar Harun says he is a staunch advocate of the doctrine of separation of powers.

Ashes, and the Communist Party of Malaya

Insincere apologies are an insult, too