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Be clear on entrance into matriculation programme

It does not make sense for the system to take in students with lesser qualifications and reject the good ones.

Selamat meninggalkan kami, Indonesia

Badan yang kerjanya mempromosi sastera kita tidak berminat untuk berfikir di luar kotak, dan penghujungnya semua rosak belaka

ECRL: No cause for celebration

An open letter to Dr M on PIL 1

If Karpal Singh were alive, he’d have whacked PH

Those who knew the Tiger of Jelutong will be very happy that he has been acquitted of a sedition charge, for Karpal Singh was a patriot, a true son of the soil.

The trials and triumphs of GE14, as seen by Kee Thuan...

Kee's book ‘The People’s Victory’ tells the story of how the people, frustrated with the BN government, rose up to take their destiny in their hands on May 9, 2018.

Marzuki’s scroll, small minds and big mouths

Marzuki Yahya and others with lowly degrees have nothing to be ashamed of as long as they have integrity and humility.

When privileged elites lack empathy for angry minorities

It is time the leaders of the majority display magnanimity to those who have been denied fair play as fellow citizens.

The new FMT News


The potential pitfalls of MySalam

The last thing we want is for a good health programme to go belly-up because concerns are not addressed.

The power of rulers to appoint and remove MBs

In Malaysia, only the Federal Constitution is supreme.