Let’s look to the stars, launch a rocket from Malaysia

The 51st anniversary of the historic Apollo moon landing is fast approaching and we should take this opportunity to generate interest in space science.

PH pilih Anwar, Dr M hilang pengaruh

Tahun 2020 sepatutnya menjadi tahun kebanggaan Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Covid-19 puts meat on the chopping block

Many blame Chinese wet markets for the emergence of Covid-19 but they are unaware that the real culprit lies on the plate right in front of them.

Race: fact or fiction? Science holds the answer

Before we try to eradicate racism, we need to understand its roots and the science behind it.

Death by Facebook

Vacancy: A good govt to match a good king of the...

Malaysians must hope that those who wish to form a new government will be able to match the goodwill shown by Sultan Abdullah.

For crying out loud, please understand what’s fake news

Politicians around the world have used the phrase liberally on journalists and critics.

Winners and losers in khat row


Brace for second wave of economic bad news

This will come when most of the measures in the Prihatin and Penjana programmes end in September and is likely to be more severe.

The challenge in maintaining forest reserves amid plantation expansion

Governments may change but sound national policies, such as those for forestry protection, should be respected for the country to prosper.